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Digital Transformation is
a Must in Today’s World

There is widespread recognition for businesses to undergo a digital transformation urgently in order to survive the new world, post-pandemic. Alan Murray’s survey of Fortune 500 CEOs shows that 75% of CEOs agreed that corporations must accelerate the technological transformation of their businesses.

The Acceleration
of the Digital Sphere

With the unexpected lockdowns on travel, consumerism, and in-person activities, the pandemic has coerced companies to rethink the way they operate. Responses to a McKinsey global survey of 800 executives shows that many companies underwent a digital transformation to adapt to this new way of working.

TTL’s President Brian Delle Donne’s whitepaper:
TA Digital transformation

This whitepaper explains the need to undergo a TA digital transformation now to stay ahead of today’s changing demands echoes the latest research on digital innovation from Fortune and McKinsey & Company.

The History of Business Tech Transformation in TA

The truth is that a technological revolution has transpired in the recruitment and talent acquisition space for more than four years. Many companies have sought new tools to recruit highly sought-after talent. The ever-emerging TA technology landscape is often difficult to navigate when trying to undergo a digital transformation.

Discover the Right TA Tech Solutions for You

With the overwhelming talent acquisition technology landscape, it is cumbersome for companies to identify and select the right technological solutions for their unique business. Talent Tech Labs focuses on emerging technological innovation across the TA tech ecosystem and tracks over 2000 new technologies.

Undergo the Innovation Tech Cycle Successfully

Every company must go through a cycle when tackling a new technology, and there are many phases and obstacles to overcome. Companies that strive to remain informed and in-the-know of the TA tech landscape are able to move more smoothly through the transitory phases of adopting a new technology.

Reap the Benefits of Technological Innovation and Transformation

For companies who do not undergo a digital transformation and adopt the innovation tech lifecycle, they will have difficulty maintaining business levels in the new normal. Businesses that quickly identify and implement technological innovations will thrive in the future of tomorrow. TTL partners with leading organizations to keep them informed of the latest technological development and apprised of the most recent talent acquisition trends.