Business Case Strategy

Create a Compelling Business Case for Game-Changing Technology

We support companies to develop a sound and compelling business case for innovation investment including clear benefits, alignment to strategy, ROI, timelines, budgets, and identification of risks.

Stay ahead of Today's Changing Demands
with a Digital Transformation

Problem Framing

Without clear problem framing, many projects lose sight of the end goal, and focus on the outputs rather than the outcomes that ultimately measure success.

We will work with your team to craft your problem statement framework that sums up the issue from your stakeholder’s perspective. The quality of the question you ask — or the way you frame the problem you’re trying to solve — determines the context, meaning and significance of the project.

Benefits Realization Framework and ROI

Benefits are the primary reason investments are made but often are not clearly defined or linked to strategic objectives. We will work with you on building a business case to support your investment decisions, with a clear benefits framework which defines the problem, required business changes and the intended outcomes.

Project Scoping

TTL will work with you to build a sound business case outline with the key phases expected in the project including the strategy, implementation and maintenance phases to provide a true cost of ownership.