Merger & Acquisition Restructuring Strategy

Empower Your Organization
with a Robust Talent Strategy

Mergers & acquisitions present unique challenges as companies harmonize and digitize workforce systems and delivery operations on a global scale. For senior talent leaders facing a M&A and Spinoff event, our advisory services will guide you to reset your organization with a new talent strategy.

Depending on your needs we can help you identify synergies and cost savings through digital transformation, consolidate and upgrade your technology stacks, reduce silos and inefficiencies in your delivery operations, and assist in relaunching your brand and I&D strategy.

Locate the Best-Fit Talent
in Today's Crowded Market


For companies redefining their corporate strategy, we can help you reimagine your employment brand, activate it or help you create one from the ground up to ensure your brand is contemporary, differentiated and reflects your new corporate strategy.

Digital Strategy

We can guide you through the process of reviewing and consolidating the technology stack, and mapping technology opportunities, all culminating in a strategy and future state roadmap to guide your new digital transformation.

Service Delivery Design

Integral to any transformation is how you deliver the experience with a personalized approach. Service design blueprints support you to optimize your operations and is ideal to design experiences that are omnichannel and require cross functional effort. We address key strategic choices including the optimal organizational delivery structure and job design, place (onshore, offshore) and the impact of automation on your delivery model.

Implementation Services

Our Transformation Services support our clients through the end-to-end transition and execution phases including project management, integration of your technology stack, configuration, integration and change management and training.