Hiring Processes
Using AI
to Make Them
More Effective


Talent acquisition teams are often searching for ways to do more with less, and this driving need for efficiency and innovation is only intensifying in the current environment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising ways for companies to enhance the efficiency of their hiring processes and recruitment processes. With the present need to accelerate automation, we believe we are at the dawn of an AI-first recruiting revolution.

Artificial Intelligence
for Recruiting and TA

AI will have a profound impact on talent acquisition and how companies recruit. TTL’s talent acquisition research provides organizations with a thorough understanding of artificial intelligence by introducing and defining key concepts. In our Provider Insight Report, we unpack the two overarching “categories” of artificial intelligence “general” AI and “narrow” AI.

TTL’s Provider Insight Report reveals the current state of play for AI, explains how AI is manifested today in recruiting, and gives a glimpse into where we think the industry is headed and what that means for your organization’s TA technology investment decisions.

Unpacking the What and How of AI

Knowing the “what” and “how” of AI is essential to understanding how AI is shaping recruiting systems now and in the future. TTL provides in-depth insight into the main methods used to develop AI systems. With this newfound knowledge, you’ll be able to converse intelligently with vendors that claim to use AI in their solutions.

How to Spot AI-First Recruiting Systems

Properly leveraging AI in the recruitment process provides significant competitive advantages. But how do you correctly harness the power of AI and find the right AI system for your particular needs? TTL’s research shows how to identify an AI-first recruiting system and reveals how these systems are different from technology that has a small AI component to them.

Achieve the Benefits
of Using AI in the
Recruiting Process

When AI is thoughtfully applied within recruiting it improves bottom-line performance and metrics. In our research, we reveal how AI-first solutions ameliorate recruitment efficiency and effectiveness. The benefits of an AI-first solution range from doing more with less to quantifiably moving the needle for your goals.