Using Bots to Drive Recruiting Efficiency

Staffing Tech Insights Series

August 27, 2020, at 2:30 PM EST

The pandemic undoubtedly has wreaked havoc on the global economy, but the scope and duration of its economic impact has yet to be determined. We do know that the prediction of a V-shaped recovery is now seen as too optimistic or as Fed Chairman Jerome Powell puts it is effectively “off-the-table.” We must prepare for the possibility of a difficult recessionary period ahead.

Staffing has always been a leading indicator, so we’ll be the first to bounce back. As such, now is the time to consider what you can do to tool up, to leap ahead as the demand grows. This webinar will focus on a solution set that lets you automate- so do more with less, yet position you for growth in the next cycle

Why Attend This Webinar

The webinar “Using Bots to Drive Recruiting Efficiency” will unpack how bots can drive efficiency, automate processes to achieve tremendous productivity gain with less manual effort. With the overcrowded bots’ marketplace today, this webinar eliminates the confusion on what’s available in market now and how to most effectively use bots to realistically automate processes

Using Bots to Drive Recruiting Efficiency will include the following:

  • An in-depth interview on recruitment bot technologies available to staffing firms and how to effectively use them
  • An exclusive panel that combines solution providers and staffing execs sharing their respective insights from their experience implementing recruitment bots in staffing firms
  • Thought leaders in recruitment and TA technology Cynthia Davidson, Senior Director of ASA and Brian Delle Donne, Talent Tech Labs President will lead the conversation

By attending this webinar, you’ll will learn:

  • How to best leverage bots in the inbound and outbound recruitment process
  • What is available in the marketplace of recruitment bots
  • Why recruitment bots are the best use case for automating processes
  • Setting expectations on the use of Conversational AI
  • How to effectively integrate bots into the staffing organization


Brian Delle Donne

Talent Tech Labs

Chris Collins

RoboRecruiter Inc.

Cynthia Davidson

Senior Research Director
American Staffing Association

Drew Austin

CEO & Founder
Wade & Wendy

Steve Guden

VP, Business Integration and Optimization
Epic Healthcare Staffing

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