12 Emerging TA Technologies Showcased at NEXT – What You Missed…

Did you miss Talent Tech NEXT? Held on May 3rd, the event was specifically geared to Talent Acquisition leaders interested in the future of Talent Acquisition Technology. Executives from Accenture, Disney, AIG, PwC, Crowe Horwath, MetLife, Sony, JetBlue, Credit Suisse, J&J were in attendance to meet 12 hand-selected and vetted Talent Acquisition Technologies. The interactive expo focused on the Source to Hire process is unlike any other conference. TTL’s digital funding method NEXTmessage allowed the TA tech startups engage with buyers in a truly interactive way.

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Here’s a little recap if you missed the event or simply want to relive the glory.

Attendees and the Keynote

We hosted over 100 Talent Acquisition leaders including TA executives from KPMG, Accenture, Disney, AIG, PwC, Crowe Horwath, MetLife, Sony, JetBlue, Credit Suisse, J&J, and many more.

Keynote speaker Matt Hoffman (VP, People, DigitalOcean) shared how DO leverages its “people-powered” culture to quickly find and hire world-class technical talent. Matt has a background in leading people operations, talent acquisition, talent development, and employee experience. He used that experience to help the DigitalOcean team scale from 70 employees to 410, all in 3 years.

Other speakers included Brian Delle Donne, President of Talent Tech Labs, Jonathan Kestenbaum, Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs, Joe Leo, Founder of DefMethod, and Lucas Perlman, International Partnership Manager at MaRS Discovery District.

Showcase with a Twist

NEXT isn’t just about networking and sharing knowledge. There were 12 hand-selected and vetted companies showcasing their technology in an interactive expo representing the Source to Hire process. Representatives from these companies provided demo presentations to attendees who acted as potential “buyers”.

The buyers were granted access to TTL’s NEXTmessage app where they would choose to “invest” in companies using NEXTbucks, a faux cryptocurrency. The interactive exercise not only helps companies understand the effectiveness of their pitch and tech, but also highlights those who are considered the top tech providers at the showcase.

The 12 Revolutionary Talent Acquisition Tech Exhibitors:

  • ROIKOI, a sourcing and recruiting platform that uses the power of employees to find skilled talent that fits their organization.
  • PathMotion, a data intelligence platform used by American and European businesses and universities to improve the candidate experience.
  • RoboRecruiter, a chatbot platform with proven conversational technologies built for Talent Acquisition professionals by staffing experts.
  • TrueUp, a technical vetting software that makes benchmarking skills and assessing candidates and employees easy.
  • Arya, an AI-powered recruiting platform, helps recruiters identify and connect to high-quality candidates with machine learning, big data and behavioral pattern recognition.
  • StartMonday, a recruiting platform specifically designed to attract mobile generation candidates to hospitality and retail careers.
  • RelishCareers, a candidate matching platform that helps grad students and alumni get discovered by employers while streamlining company recruiting processes.
  • Ruutly, a platform that transforms text-based job descriptions into beautifully-branded postings that engage candidates.
  • Career Spark a success-based matching technology that creates unique top performer profiles for employers and uses machine learning to help them make the best hire for their needs.
  • Plum.io, a matching software that uses pre-employment tests for both the candidate and company to guide employers in finding the ideal candidate for the unique role.
  • StellarEmploy, a matching software that uses a proprietary algorithm and work environment preferences to make hiring decisions less complicated.
  • Talentegy, a platform that optimizes both the candidate and employee experience with analytics and internal insight.


This year, attendees spent $500k NEXTbucks in the 90-minute funding round. Two frontrunning startups were invited on stage to demo their tech. RelishCareers, presented by Sarah Rumbaugh, received first place and $5,000 in Def Method services. Def Method is a technical development services.

Career Spark, presented by Jamie Schneiderman, was a close runner-up.

Thinking About Attending in the Future?

Mark your calendars for September 19th! Talent Tech NEXT will be in Mountain View, California. No single NEXT is like another. NEXT, hosted by Talent Tech Labs, is a one-of-a-kind event held semi-annually in New York City and Silicon Valley. Each event allows vetted up-and-coming startups and mid-level TA technologies the chance to showcase their solutions and provides attendees the chance to “invest” in those they feel will best impact the future of work. So even if you attended the May 3rd event, you won’t want to miss this one.

Each participant, attendee, presenter or otherwise, interacts directly with cutting-edge technology that can be implemented into existing recruitment stacks. NEXT is all about changing the way TA leaders empower their teams and select and implement technology. When it’s over, participants walk away with a grasp on the future of work and actionable insights for their own organization.

To learn more about past and upcoming events, visit the NEXT website: https://talenttechlabs.com/whats-next/.

About NEXT:

NEXT, hosted by Talent Tech Labs, is a quarterly conference held in cities with the most sophisticated Talent Acquisition tech landscapes in the nation. At each event, a dozen startup and mid-level TA technologies enter to present in front of the industry’s most prestigious TA buyers and leaders. Attendees view presentations for each competing technology, and “invest” in the technologies with the highest-quality solutions, leaving two winners at the end of the day.

Each event hosts keynote presentations about the industry’s latest trends and changes by some of TTL’s executive leaders and a small handful of guest leaders and speakers. To learn more about past and upcoming events, visit the NEXT website: https://talenttechlabs.com/whats-next/.

About Talent Tech Labs:

Talent Tech Labs is recognized as the foremost thought leader in applying emerging Talent Acquisition Technology. Our mission is to foster innovation and accelerate technology adoption to improve the state of the art in recruitment.

TTL has a deep expertise in emerging technologies applicable across the recruitment lifecycle. We provide custom research, actionable insights, and decision support for TA buyers intent on attracting and deploying the best talent in their industry. For more information on gaining access to this exclusive research visit https://talenttechlabs.com/sign-up-exclusive-content/.

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