Month: March 2021

How Beamery Realizes the Power of Talent Intelligence Capabilities in Candidate Relationship Management Tools  

By Sultan Saidov, Co-founder and President, Beamery & Jeet Mukerji, Product Manager, Beamery In this article, Sultan Saidov Co-Founder and President and Jeet Mukerji Product Manager of Beamery describe how Beamery started as a candidate relationship management system and shifted to adding talent intelligence capabilities. Saidov and Mukerji uncover why Talent Intelligence is important and… Read more »

Under the Microscope: LinkedIn Launches a Professional Services Marketplace


LinkedIn’s new service called Marketplaces will allow 740 million users to find, connect with, and book freelancers. Taking on numerous platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Business Talent Group, The Second Shift, Communo, and many more, this Microsoft-owned service fulfills a growing need for white-collar work connection.  The announcement of their new endeavor raises many questions: Will… Read more »