Month: November 2021

The Blockchain Ecosystem: A Decentralized Enterprise


It’s hard to ignore how the blockchain ecosystem has led to the progressive decentralization of companies in an increasingly remote and global environment. Jonathan Covey of Talent Tech Labs spoke with Bryan Peters, co-founder of, about the path to decentralization and necessary conditions in order to succeed. Sobol is a company that works with… Read more »

How TechServe And Veremark Are Decentralizing Background Checks


Blockchain technology has the unique ability to store and validate data without exposing personal identifiable information. One relevant use case in the staffing world is to create a sort of career passport that solves age-old inefficiencies in reference and background checking. In this piece, CEO of TechServe Alliance, Mark B. Roberts describes his partnership with… Read more »

Blockchain Tech And The Internet Of Careers


This article from Dror Gurevich, CEO of Velocity Networks, discusses the universal database of career records Velocity is building on the blockchain. Dror describes what this public utility infrastructure will look like—a sort of internet of careers on the blockchain. Velocity Network™ is built to be the world’s network for verifiable and trusted career credentials,… Read more »

The Latest Trends Report on Blockchain Technology


As a leading research and advisory firm, Talent Tech Labs works to guide you on the best options for recruitment and Talent Acquisition technology. Frequently, we provide our members with access to trends reports filled with best practices, industry forecasting, and case studies. Our latest Trends Report focuses on the usefulness of blockchain technology, as… Read more »