Month: June 2024

Talent Tech Labs Honors Juneteenth

This article detailing the history and importance of Juneteenth was originally published in June of 2020. We’ve refreshed this article with an updated lens on the holiday, with fresh ideas of ways you can honor and celebrate this important milestone. For many Americans, Independence Day is synonymous with July 4th, a national holiday celebrating the… Read more »

Mentoring Platforms to Boost Early Talent Programs

Summer has finally arrived, and that means your summer interns have probably settled into a variety of projects and apprenticeships throughout your organization.  If your company’s early talent programs include workplace mentorship, or you are looking to build a mentorship program for interns and new grads, TTL has evaluated a range of Mentoring Platforms within… Read more »

A Time of Reflection and Gratitude

With the announcement of Talent Tech Labs’ acquisition, the influx of well wishes and positivity has been incredibly heartwarming and reaffirming.  It is a significant milestone in TTL’s history, as we approach our 10-year anniversary. Reflecting on our path, we are immensely thankful for the contributions that have shaped TTL into the company it is… Read more »