3 Reasons Why Tech Savvy Leaders Should Attend Staffing World

Fall is officially in full swing, along with the 2019 conference season. Some love it, some don’t, and others are ambivalent.

For Talent Tech Labs, attending an industry conference is a great way to get out, meet people at scale and gain new insights. One conference we keep going back to is Staffing World, run by the American Staffing Association (ASA), and held in Las Vegas on October 15-17. Admittedly, we’re a bit bias because ASA and TTL are partners in helping executives navigate the technology selection gauntlet. But, we were already fans long before the partnership had formed. What drew us to ASA is their recognition of technology as a vehicle for innovation within the staffing space and they’re putting it front-and-center for their members.

Here’s what tech-savvy attendees can look forward to:

Tech Wednesday

Brand new for 2019 is “Tech Wednesday”–a full-day dedicated to technology solutions for staffing companies. It’s a must for leaders who want to stay on trend with technology solutions, strategies, and industry tools.

TTL’s president, Brian Delle Donne, will be moderating a panel titled “Power Recruiters’ Technology Secrets and Solutions,” which will demystify a variety of tools being used in the industry for candidate sourcing, screening, engagement, interviewing, and re-discovery. The goal is to make it easier for decision-makers to wrap their heads around the technologies, rather than be put off by what might appear to be an overabundance of solutions in the marketplace.

The hope is for attendees to leave with a lower sense of anxiety about the choices they have and feel inspired to pilot new technologies that can make a difference at their companies.

Tech Park

Always the hub of activity every year, the Tech Park is, in our opinion, a very clever way of exposing technology to attendees. It features back-to-back, 10-minute Tech Talks given by staffing technology experts and is a valuable way to get a lot of information about a wide range of solutions. Since the content is being delivered through portable headsets, attendees can freely explore the expo and jump between different speakers. It’s truly dynamic and always well received.


This portion is old school. Just plain ol’ handshakes and face-to-face conversations, but a great way for tech-obsessed attendees to “unplug.” Use these opportunities–twelve to be exact–to re-engage with past colleagues and meet new prospects. Staffing professionals of all levels converge at Staffing World–executives, recruiters, producers, back office managers–so rest assured you’ll always be surrounded by interesting people with similar business objectives.

Whether this will be your first time at Staffing World or your fifth, go in with a game plan but leave room for the unexpected. Large conventions can be overwhelming and there’s always pressure (at least for us) to jam pack our days to meet as many people as we can.

Relax. This event has been planned in a way where you can’t help but come away feeling enriched.

For tickets and more information, visit https://americanstaffing.net/sw19/.