5 Ways a Tech Mentor Will Benefit Your Talent Acquisition Software Startup

Sir Richard Branson credits Sir Freddie Laker for his success in the airline industry. Well-known financial investor, Benjamin Graham, guided Warren Buffett who later advised Bill Gates. Behind Mark Zuckerberg was Steve Jobs and behind Steve Jobs was a long list of intelligent, skilled and experienced minds. The entrepreneurs who have become household names did not achieve their status by working alone and neither will you.

Investing in your new company isn’t all based in dollars. Investment of time, dedication, research and, yes, relationships, are all a part of this startup ecosystem. To thrive like the greats, you need someone who can guide you through the process, and that’s exactly why we recommend turning to tech mentors when launching new Talent Acquisition software.

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1. They see your business from a different perspective.

We may understand that business shouldn’t be too personal, but most entrepreneurs can’t completely escape the strong connection they have to their startup. Honestly, it’s that bond and belief in what they are doing that often pushes a good idea to greatness. Let’s face it, your passion is important to seeing success, yet passion can lead to bias and bias leads to blind spots and blind spots lead to bad decisions. It’s a slippery slope that tech mentors are not only familiar with, but have possibly gone down themselves. Introducing new tech software or your developing startup might be a little scary, but it could prevent the even more frightening position of failure.

Similar to working with a knowledgeable beta tester, your tech mentor can see your software or product from a more objective view. They understand product development in addition to understanding your market and user. Bringing this expert in on the early stages will mean an even earlier detection of problems, but also a better chance at identifying functionality that improves your product.

2. They’re practiced in defining objectives.

From personal health to professional growth, in order to achieve success, you have to set goals. Sometimes the steps toward achievement aren’t clear, no matter how obvious the end goal might be. You know what you want, but that doesn’t mean you know how to get it. Like hiring a life coach or personal trainer, working with a tech mentor will give your startup the direction it needs to reach that overarching goal.

The right tech mentor will approach your business with a critical eye, meaning you receive a personalized approach starting from a realistic baseline for your organization. As mentioned in the first point, startup leaders and entrepreneurs often wear blinders to the shortcomings of their business. Your tech mentor will open eyes and minds, ensuring your hopes are actually attainable and then helping you devise a plan to reach them.

3. They know team dynamics.

Building and managing team dynamics in early stage startups can be pretty difficult. For one thing, earlier hires are usually as invested in the organization as its founders, which means an emotional tie to its success. Additionally, any team has the challenge of overcoming various personalities and work styles. Experienced startup mentors and coaches will know how to walk between those barriers, first by stepping outside of the group in a way that brings fairness, and second by simply having more knowledge of managing people.

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Mentors give entrepreneurs and startup founders a confidante and provide a bounce board for ideas and navigating tough conversations. Hiring and managing talent is a big investment, so the input that retains your team will bring the startup exponential savings and rewards.

4. They can better predict trouble.

Connecting with the right mentor means access to someone who has experienced numerous business situations. From managing people to networking with partners and building a client list, an experienced startup mentor will have gone down the road that you are currently embarking on. The best part is their ability to see a problem before it becomes a big, hairy deal. Their foresight might advise against a professional connection or provide a secure way to manage one that’s already been made.

The fail rate of startups is an uncomfortable statistic to see when you first begin your journey, but ignoring the possibility of trouble is doing yourself, your team and your shiny, new Talent Acquisition tech a disservice. Your tech mentor or coach will also have direction in developing a strategic risk management plan, because sometimes even the most skilled mentor may be blindsided by an issue your company experiences.

5. They won’t stunt your style.

Arguably the best part of finding the right tech mentor for your startup is their experience in managing startup founders like you. They might be giving you advice, but they still know whose company and vision is powering this innovative new Talent Acquisition technology. The right mentor will provide direction and even tell you a few things you don’t want to hear, but they will respect your unique style. Nothing is more frustrating than someone suggesting you change all the things that make your organization special. This is yet another situation your tech mentor will have experienced, and will not want to see repeated. They might tell you weaknesses or the risks associated, but only so you can develop your style into something that appeals to the Talent Acquisition professionals you’re targeting.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: successfully launching a new company takes more than having a good idea. At the end of the day, you can make all the plans, take all the right steps and still experience turbulence. Teaming up with a skilled tech mentor could make or break your startup launch and management.

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