50+ Actionable Takeaways for Tech Startup Founders

Are you a new startup founder looking for advice from those who have gone before you?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But so often those steps are exhausting. The sleepless nights, the shoestring budget and the constant rejection are just a few of the hurdles startup founders have to get over.

That’s probably why, even in this so-called gig economy, there are still fewer starting businesses than there are working for them. After all, if it were easy, everyone would do it.

A lot of people make significant mistakes and fumbles their first few years, because we still idolize tech founders and believe in the dream. That’s why we recommend mentorship and beta testing so often. A hefty dose of realism to ensure you make it through the lean years and come out successful on the other side.

So how DO you do it? We’ve compiled the best tips and insight from our blog as well as others within the startup advice community. Take a look to get inspired:

5 To Dos for Startup Founders Seeking Venture Capital

by Talent Tech Labs (@TalentTechLabs)

It couldn’t be a better time to start a business in Talent Acquisition Technology. 44% of companies say they will spend more on hiring than they did last year. However, the lucrative opportunities this industry brings doesn’t mean investors will swoon over anything. Even the smallest gut feeling can turn investors away from you, so look into every nook and cranny of your entire operation with these 5 To Dos when it comes to getting startup funding. Read on.

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10 Startup Founders Tell Us: The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

by The Muse (@DailyMuse)

The Muse asked 10 founders to weigh in on the absolute best advice they received as they built their companies. Take note of these (sometimes surprising) lessons for your own venture. Do you take risks all the time or work hard to mitigate risk? See which answer makes you “most likely to succeed.” Read on.

5 Things You Need in a Mentor

by Talent Tech Labs

How do you find a mentor to help you grow professionally? Countless studies have proven the efficacy of mentors within the workforce, and even more are showing mentors are needed outside traditional company walls. Entrepreneurs need mentors, especially during what many will look back on as the toughest part of their career. Sure, you need vast business experience but what about generosity of spirit? Read on.

28 Successful Startup Founders Share Their Advice on Starting a Startup

by FoundrMag (@FoundrMag)

There are few journeys in the world that are as rewarding and interesting as that of an entrepreneur. Yet there is nothing more daunting than that first step. Fortunately, this collection of “been there, done that” seasoned entrepreneurs have some advice for you, starting with, you guessed it… “it’s very, VERY hard.Read on.

5 Ways a Tech Mentor Will Benefit Your Talent Acquisition Software Startup

by Talent Tech Labs

The entrepreneurs who have become household names did not achieve their status by working alone and neither will you. Investing in your new company isn’t all based in dollars. Investment of time, dedication, research and, yes, relationships, are all a part of this startup ecosystem. To thrive like the greats, you need someone who can guide you through the process, and that’s exactly why we recommend turning to tech mentors. Read on.

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