6 Talent Acquisition Technologies to Have on Your Radar

Talent Tech Labs recently hosted Talent Tech NOW, an event created for investors in Talent Acquisition Technology.

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Held at Rise, NYC on April 12, 2018, NOW gave investors a chance to hear six curated company presentations from:

  • Talentegy
  • StartMonday
  • Career Spark
  • StellarEmploy
  • Talenytics

Brian Delle Donne, President, and Jonathan Kestenbaum, Managing Director, kicked off the event with a look into the trends and recent developments in the Talent Acquisition Technology space. They specifically spoke about AI-powered Matching Systems, Assessment Technology and new Temporary Labor Marketplaces.

Take a look at some snapshots from the curated company presentations and learn a bit more about these investment-ready startups below.


Talentegy is a talent engagement and analytics platform, enhanced by AI, that optimizes candidate and employee experience. Leveraging a company’s existing HR technology stack, Talentegy monitors user interactions and provides tools to maximize team collaboration. Built by industry veterans, Talentegy is revenue generating and ready to scale.

Talentegy’s CEO, Dwaine Maltais said, “Talent Tech NOW provided an interactive forum to present our Talent Analytics and Engagement Platform to investors in an informal environment. It also provided an opportunity to network with other HR tech innovators and entrepreneurs.”

@Talentegy is an AI-enhanced talent engagement and analytics platform that optimizes candidate and employee experience. See what their CEO had to say about presenting at NOW... Click To Tweet



ROIKOI delivers employee referral software that works — 80% of employees engage, and the resulting hires are diverse. ROIKOI does this by generating a private database of passive referrals for each of its customers. Automated outreach to 20 ROIKOI candidates yields 7 interviews and 1 hire with an average retention of 2 years. In their most recent case study, 69% of ROIKOI candidates were female and 77% non-white.

Did you know automated outreach to 20 @ROIKOI candidates yields 7 interviews and 1 hire with an average retention of 2 years? Learn more about this efficient platform! Click To Tweet



StartMonday is a publicly listed company in Amsterdam, with their primary business being an ATS focused on Retail and Hospitality. StartMonday has recently created CareerChain to help get all employees resumes verified on the blockchain.

@StartMondayCom has recently created CareerChain to help get all employees resumes verified on the blockchain. Click To Tweet


Career Spark

By surveying your top employees, Career Spark creates success profiles which are used to compare and benchmark against incoming candidates. Using insights from the platform and optimizing the system through machine learning, Career Spark will close the loop to create the best success profile possible. This is success-based matching.

@CareerSpark presented at Talent Tech NOW to explain how they do matching differently based on success parameters. See what else you missed! Click To Tweet



StellarEmploy is a SaaS tool for recruiting hourly workers. StellarEmploy enables companies with large workforces, like call centers, to hire agents who will become top performers. StellarEmploy’s talent acquisition platform uses custom algorithms to predict hiring outcomes. They have decreased turnover by 30%, increased revenue per employee by 10% and saved businesses millions in labor costs.

@StellarEmploy helped franchises @BurgerKing and @DunkinDonuts decrease turnover and they recently spoke at our NOW event. Learn more about this innovative recruiting tool! Click To Tweet



Talenytics is the first recruitment and collaboration platform that specializes in quality of hire and helps companies hire and keep high-quality candidates. Talenytics put collaboration between Recruiters and Hiring Managers at the heart of the hiring process, improving efficiency and ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout. It is clear that the recruitment process isn’t over once the candidate signs the contract, which is why Talenytics tracks feedback and the candidate’s progress up to a year after the hire is made.

“It was a privilege to be part of Talent Tech Lab’s recent NOW event. I personally found it very beneficial to get the opportunity to present to an audience of potential investors/partners as well as hear insights and updates on market and tech trends. I would certainly recommend this event to other TA Tech startups who are looking for potential investment as well as understand more about the competitive landscape. The event was very well organised, thanks Talent Tech Labs!”

– Gavin

@Talenytics puts collaboration between Recruiters and Hiring Managers first to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout. See what they said about their experience at Talent Tech NOW! Click To Tweet

Aside from the company presentations, we evaluated the competitive landscape these companies reside in and ended the event with an engaging luncheon and networking session!

For more information on our next Talent Tech NOW event, contact us at events@talenttechlabs.com.

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