The Secret To Addressing Your DE&I Hiring Initiatives

In November 2021, our team of research analysts and industry experts presented a webinar focused on addressing the challenges organizations face with DEI hiring. Today, we’re highlighting some of the most crucial takeaways from the event.

Despite DEI hiring being a focus, many leaders feel they are not given ample information or guidance on how to approach it. The marketplace is cluttered with tools and technologies, making it difficult for leaders to know which platform is right for their company.

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Using technology dedicated to enhancing DEI hiring is nothing new. Most companies have some sort of tech suite or tool that they’ve implemented in the past. But, the ways organizations are using these tools differ. In a recent survey of heads of talent and HR in organizations, we sought out answers. We asked respondents the most effective tech or process they’ve used for DEI and where it falls into our stages. The results were telling.

Across the board, companies have acknowledged that their DEI initiatives need to be addressed immediately. The problem is that the solution isn’t as straightforward as you might think. One thing is certain — organizations need to take measures to adopt technology that supports an inclusive and equitable organization for years to come.

Technology Is Only Part Of The Solution

Without a doubt, modern tools and technologies can help you to address DEI hiring challenges your organization faces, but technology alone is not enough. To solve the problems in DEI your organization faces, you need a comprehensive, systematic approach to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace.

To start this, you need to gain a deep understanding of what your current state looks like when it comes to DEI. Take stock of your surroundings by looking at things like:

  • Are populations equally represented?
  • Does a gender pay gap exist?
  • What is the everyday culture like? 
  • What is the employee experience like?

By taking the time to talk with your team about the realities of their job and your company culture, you can better grasp the areas your DEI hiring efforts are lacking. Once you understand your current efforts, you need to turn that into a leadership commitment to change and create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable organization.

DEI is more than just getting diverse individuals through the door when it comes down to it. It’s about offering opportunities for growth and success to all individuals and holding one another accountable along the way.

Reducing Bias Through Artificial Intelligence

Part of that accountability comes from understanding that humans are biased. As humans, we’re built to be able to summarize, condense, and make sense of the sources of information bombarding us. This leads to some unconscious biases that can influence our decisions and actions.

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One way to reduce the level of potential bias is by utilizing technology and algorithms. Implementing artificial intelligence and advanced learning tools into your processes gives you a more clear and more transparent view of your company. Data can be collected and stored more efficiently, and AI helps streamline your processes and reports.

These tools can also expand your diversity hiring initiatives. Your recruiters and hiring managers can delegate the collection and organization of candidates to the technology while saving them more time to interact with and interview stellar candidates.

While these features can promote a more inclusive and diverse company culture, it is essential to recognize that these algorithms can face troubles with bias as well, seeing as humans build them. Organizations need to evaluate and fine-tune their processes and tools to proactively identify signs of bias and remove them from your organization.

DEI is not a “set it and leave it” kind of thing. It requires you to keep an eye on it and tweak it as needed to fit your needs and environment better. TTL can help you build out a strong, solid framework for DEI in your company. Our industry expertise and up-to-date research ensure your company can stay ahead of the curve and plan for future growth.

For more information about how TTL can advise you on which tools and technologies will work best for you, reach out to us today.

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