ASU GSV and Talent Tech NEXT Turn the Spotlight on Education’s Role in Talent Acquisition

Editorial Note: TTL NEXT West will be inside the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego, April 8 – 10. Do you have your spot reserved? Here at Talent Tech Labs, we know NEXT West is going to be unlike any other event in 2019, but don’t take our word for it. Read what Will Rosen has to say about the premiere event for Talent Acquisition Leaders.

The Problem with the Education-Employment Formula

It used to be simple: Do well in school, get a solid job, and you’d paved the way for a financially stable life. More and more, the education-employment formula isn’t adding up, and it’s rapidly growing more complicated. Today, two-thirds of careers require some measure of higher education, which can be both expensive and competitive. On top of that, chances are you will have to retrain consistently to be current with new technology, if not get additional degrees or certifications to advance your career. And as tuition continues to increase, higher education is becoming unattainable for many.

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The United States education system was not intended for this new world of work, and the current trends are going to continue. As the education-to-employment gap has grown, the thought leaders in this space are realizing that the future of work must be addressed. To help bridge the gap between education and talent acquisition, Talent Tech Labs is hosting their most recent NEXT Event inside of ASU GSV.

What is the ASU GSV Summit?

For ten years, the ASU GSV Summit has convened the most important leaders across the global “Pre K to Gray” education and workforce innovation sector, including investors, educators, policymakers, entrepreneurs and business leaders, to accelerate innovation that gives ALL people equal access to the future. This year’s summit is scheduled for April 8-10 in sunny San Diego, California.

Over 4,500 leaders are expected to attend, including CEOs, investors, TA executives, schools and university leaders, enterprise learning leaders, politicians, foundation leaders, and policymakers. Past speakers have included Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Gates, Magic Johnson and many more influential and transformative leaders.

The TTL and ASU GSV Partnership

A mutual desire to bring clarity and innovation to the Talent Acquisition Technology space lead to TTL NEXT West being hosted by ASU GSV. This summit will bring together the top leaders in the Talent Acquisition space who want to drive the dialogue surrounding education, technology and the future of work.

What is a TTL Talent Next Event Like?

Created exclusively for Talent Acquisition leaders, Talent Tech NEXT delivers insightful market intelligence and carefully curated companies who demo without the sales pitch.

Attendees will discover—and interact directly with—cutting edge, fully-vetted technologies that are ready to be implemented directly into their recruiting stack. Additionally, attendees will learn about top trends and real implementation strategies directly from industry practitioners who are experts within the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem.

NEXT West promotes a highly interactive experience for participants and drives engagement by providing them access to our proprietary investment platform NEXTmessage.

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NEXTmessage is a startup funding and engagement app. Attendees can use this unique app to spend their $100,000 in NEXTbucks – a “cryptocurrency” that is used to fund the participating companies in a friendly competition. Participants are encouraged to play the role of investor and “fund” the specific companies they would want to include in their own Talent Acquisition strategy. In the end, we achieve high levels of engagement, real knowledge sharing and great feedback for innovators to tune their solutions to real business challenges.

What Will You Be Able to Get Out of TTL Next West?

Immerse Yourself in the Digital Transformation around TA

  • Hands-on interaction and education will allow your organization to leverage the innovative technologies that are changing and accelerating Talent Acquisition across the source to hire process.

Elevate Yourself As a Forward-Thinker

  • Engage in presentations with industry leaders who will challenge you to rethink how you select and integrate your recruitment technologies—and help you empower your team for success.

Network with Industry Innovators

  • TTL NEXT West will convene some of the industry’s most important players in the Talent Technology space. Learn alongside the top industry executives, forward-thinking investors, and cutting-edge founders.

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