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50+ Talent Acquisition Experts from Our Trends Reports

Talent Tech Labs has a rich history of gathering insights from expert contributors for our Trends Reports. This list of experts was originally compiled and published in 2017 and has been updated and revised to reflect all contributors found in our Trends Reports as of October 2022.  Talent Tech Labs has been keeping a finger… Read more »

How RPA Creates a More Human-Centric HR Profession and Workplace

The Power of Automation and Conversational AI for Your Recruitment Function trends report mockup on desk

By: Diego Lomanto, Vice President of Product Marketing for UiPath The world is in the middle of a major revolution in the way that work is done, much like it experienced with the transition from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age. Unlike these previous labor shifts – which were driven by physical machinery –… Read more »

Solving Ongoing Struggles of Retention with Healthcare Recruitment Strategies

Healthcare Recruitment Strategies

At the beginning of the year, TA leaders sent out the typical 2020 trends articles boasting a tight labor market. After a few months, everything had turned upside down, and that’s especially true for the fast-moving healthcare industry. In terms of recruitment, the global pandemic had a particularly profound effect on the healthcare industry. Now… Read more »

Multi-Line Staffing Firm Gains Actionable Insights to Select an Optimal Tech Stack

The Firm Saves Time and Gains Confidence in Their Final Tool Selection The Client:   TOPS Staffing, LLC., founded in 1987, is a multi-lined regional firm focused on providing light technical and skilled assembly level people supporting Machining, Warehouse, Fabrication, and Electrical & Mechanical Assembly clients.   Susan Dietrich, the CEO of TOPS Staffing, is an industry… Read more »

Seven (Really Good) Reasons for your ATS and CRM to be on the same platform

TTL C-Suite team member researching ATS integration

Recently, TA Leaders have been exploring and using, to great success and scalability, the capability of a recruitment CRM and combining its known power with the traditional ATS. The use of a CRM to find, engage, and manage relationships with candidates as they go through the application process has become commonplace, and the role definition… Read more »

Under the Microscope: Upwork’s 4th Quarter and Full Year 2019 Financial Results Recap

Upwork's Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2019 Financial Results Recap.

Upwork, the largest global freelancer website by gross services volume, recently reported its financial results for the final quarter and full-year 2019. Overall, the company posted strong results, and its new CEO laid out the strategic roadmap for future growth. Results Recap Note on accounting changes: Upwork changed the way it accounts for various financial… Read more »