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Talent Acquisition Trends for a Human Approach

Talent Tech Labs interviewer utilizing talent acquisition trends while video interviewing

This article about talent acquisition trends was originally written in June 2020, and all relevant information and statistics have been updated as of October 2022. For the last few years, talent leaders have been focused on bouncing back from the initial impact of the pandemic. Following early 2020, talent acquisition was hit particularly hard, like… Read more »

The Case For Bots in Talent Acquisition: A 2022 View

This blog discussing the use of bots for talent acquisition was originally published in July of 2018 and it is still an important topic. All relevant facts, sources, and statistics have been updated as of August 2022.  Since their inception, there’s been a lot of buzz about bots for talent acquisition. People are excited about… Read more »

How Our Ecosystem Taxonomy Has Evolved Over The Years

learned-world-staffing-summit-technology Recently, we announced the release of our 10th Edition of the Ecosystem. This taxonomy, which is designed to provide clarity and insight for practitioners regarding TA tech and industry trends, has grown substantially since our first iteration. Over the years, our team added new categories, stages, verticals, and sub-verticals as the TA tech vendor marketplace... Read more »

The Secret To Addressing Your DE&I Hiring Initiatives


In November 2021, our team of research analysts and industry experts presented a webinar focused on addressing the challenges organizations face with DEI hiring. Today, we’re highlighting some of the most crucial takeaways from the event. Despite DEI hiring being a focus, many leaders feel they are not given ample information or guidance on how… Read more »

TTL Saved TOPS Staffing Time Choosing The Right Tech Vendors


As a forward-thinking company, Talent Tech Labs prides itself in supporting those from all backgrounds. Often, we choose to highlight specific success cases in which our members found benefits from embracing a long-term partnership with our team of experts. Today, we’ll highlight how TOPS Staffing, LLC. utilized TLL’s advice when it came to sifting through… Read more »

The Blockchain Ecosystem: A Decentralized Enterprise


It’s hard to ignore how the blockchain ecosystem has led to the progressive decentralization of companies in an increasingly remote and global environment. Jonathan Covey of Talent Tech Labs spoke with Bryan Peters, co-founder of, about the path to decentralization and necessary conditions in order to succeed. Sobol is a company that works with… Read more »