The Rise of Bots in Talent Acquisition: Infographic

Bots have been around for years, allowing for search queries on phones or smart home devices and as an additional means of customer support. Their use cases are expanding and have found a home in the talent acquisition sector. Bots promise to improve the candidate experience while lightening a load of recruiting teams by taking away the mindless, repetitive tasks. All while improving speed and gathering data for improved analytics.

People are looking to #chatbots to provide on-demand answers in real time. What value do they add to the world of TA? Take a peek at this infographic: Click To Tweet

Is TA ready for the invasion of the bots? Are candidates open to the use of this recruitment technology? Take a look at the infographic to find out.

Is the #TalentAcquisition landscape ready for bot technology? Find out with this infographic: Click To Tweet


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