Candidate Relationship Management for Staffing Firms

Companies spend billions of dollars on software that helps them better track, market, and sell to their customers, and continue to buy it because the software works. Now firms can apply similar technology and techniques to help them engage and attract candidates; this technology is called Candidate Relationship Management software.

While many large enterprises use #candidate relationship management software for their own #recruiting efforts, most #StaffingFirms are underutilizing #CRM technology. @TalentTechLabs has more: Click To Tweet

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) is recruitment marketing software aimed at helping organizations better track, manage, and engage with candidates. Common functionalities include the ability to build event-driven, multi-channel communication campaigns with candidates, offer interesting content that may keep a candidate ‘warm’, and reporting tools that help firms track candidates at all stages of the recruiting life cycle.

While many large enterprises use candidate relationship (CRM) management software for their own recruiting efforts, most staffing firms are underutilizing CRM technology. Staffing firms are beginning to tackle the issue of whether to bring in Candidate Relationship Management software to provide capabilities not found in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This represents not just a new tool, but a new approach to effective staffing.

An ATS is built around the model of posting a job and then managing the flow of applications for that job. It handles that task effectively. Where an ATS falls short is that it’s organized around the job posting, not the candidate. It lacks the ability to build and nurture a pool of candidates that the staffing firm can reach out to, to quickly fill jobs with quality people—that’s where candidate relationship management software comes in. It’s designed to track and engage candidates while improving the candidate experience.

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