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Why Skills Data Needs To Be Considered Across The Talent Lifecycle

This article features excerpts from the most recent Provider Insight Report, Skills Guide: Four Stages of Skills Maturity, published about skills tech and the stages of skills maturity. The below sections provide an outline of why skills data needs to be considered across the talent lifecycle and how to decipher if your organization is ready… Read more »

Webinar: Your Readiness Guide to Adopting Skills Tech

Skills technology represents a fundamental shift in how organizations manage talent. A skills-first approach can unlock organizational capabilities and create an agile workforce. This has already proven to be a competitive advantage with lower talent acquisition costs, higher quality talent pipelines, improved internal mobility, and higher retention rates. Yet, often left unsaid is that realizing… Read more »

Webinar: How to Activate a Skill-Based Workforce Approach

Developing a skills-based approach is becoming increasingly important for executives, considering  Deloitte found 98% of business executives say they plan on moving to a skills-based approach, and over 20% of organizations are making major changes to align with this approach. In December 2022, Talent Tech Labs hosted a webinar on this exciting topic of skill-based… Read more »

[Provider Insight Report] Direct Sourcing Solutions for MSPs

This article contains excerpts from the recent provider insight report published by Talent Tech Labs about direct sourcing solutions for MSPs. The highlighted sections of this report lay out the current state of the world of contingent labor and analyze elements of the direct sourcing process. While these excerpts are filled with actionable insights, they… Read more »

Efficient Interview Scheduling for Workday: A Provider Insight Report with Rooster

This article presents excerpts from the provider insight report recently published by Talent Tech Labs. The selected portions seen in this blog set the stage for the interview scheduling report by presenting the benefits of efficient interview scheduling, how the functionality exists in ATS and CRMs, and questions an organization should ask itself before automating… Read more »

The Emergence of a New Category: Talent Optimization

This article previews excerpts from Talent Tech Labs’ Provider Insight Report about talent optimization platforms. SeekOut and TTL partnered to provide a webinar covering the same topic. David Francis, Talent Tech Labs’ VP of Research & Product, was joined by Claire Fang, Chief Product Officer at SeekOut, to explore the latest in Talent Optimization Platforms… Read more »