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How Tech Can Support Your Mental Health Pledge

Sick woman distracted from work feeling unwell sitting in front of computer, stressed female employee have anxiety attack at workplace, upset woman suffer from headache or dizziness in office

Thrive, a behavioral tech company, and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) have recently joined forces to create a pledge to prioritize employees’ mental health and well-being. This pledge comes at a perfect time, in the wake of the past two years, which have been riddled with strife from the still-ongoing pandemic, tumultuous social… Read more »

QuantumWorks Roundtable Discussion Recap

In a May 2022 roundtable featuring expert insights from QuantumWork, Allegis Global Solutions, and moderated by TTL’s Brian Delle Donne – we were exposed to some fresh and valuable takes on what talent acquisition professionals are looking for in their tech stack.  Keep reading to gain key talking points and solutions for the future of… Read more »

Talent Technology Emerging Trends of 2022

It’s a taxing process to evaluate all of the talent technology on the market and determine their role in the larger talent landscape and your tech stack. That’s why we do what we do — evaluate the current talent technology market and the technologies that can help you along the way. During our process, we’ve… Read more »

Talent Tech Labs Celebrates and Honors Juneteenth

This article detailing the history and importance of Juneteenth was originally published in June of 2020. We’ve refreshed this article with an updated lens on the holiday, with fresh ideas of ways you can honor and celebrate this important milestone. For many Americans, Independence Day is synonymous with July 4th, a national holiday celebrating the… Read more »

Expanding into Talent Management: Expert Insights for the Entire Talent Technology Spectrum

Since 2014, Talent Tech Labs has established itself as the leading expert for talent technology strategy. We help talent leaders, recruiters, HR managers, and other talent technology professionals solve the greatest issues they are facing: A rapidly expanding marketplace of innovative tools The challenge to design the right technology stack for their business objectives  A… Read more »

How Our Ecosystem Taxonomy Has Evolved Over The Years

learned-world-staffing-summit-technology Recently, we announced the release of our 10th Edition of the Ecosystem. This taxonomy, which is designed to provide clarity and insight for practitioners regarding TA tech and industry trends, has grown substantially since our first iteration. Over the years, our team added new categories, stages, verticals, and sub-verticals as the TA tech vendor marketplace... Read more »