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A Quick & Dirty Guide to Ecosystem 8.0

The 8th edition of the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem highlights the latest, most innovative, and influential companies in the industry today. TAXONOMY The Tech Ecosystem is organized by Hiring Stage, sub-vertical, and whether the tools are more focused on the employer or the candidate. In each stage –Source, Engage, Select and Hire–the Talent Acquisition market… Read more »

Under the Microscope: Uber Works – Will it Dominate the Market?

UberWorks gig economy worker on phone

If you’ve been following the TTL blog, you’ll know we’re very vocal about the gig economy. Last month, we examined the introduction of Assembly Bill 5 in California, and two weeks ago we released our newest trends report “Remote Work Platforms: Trends in Temp Labor Marketplaces.” Today, we’re discussing the launch of Uber Works, a… Read more »

The Journey to Innovation In Five Steps

Team exploring the latest in Talent Acquisition Innovation

Innovation in talent has never been more important than it is today. With a noisy space becoming more chaotic, mergers and acquisitions muddying the market, and more competition for top talent than ever before, Talent Acquisition Leaders are not only expected to participate in innovation but to lead it. If you’ve taken our Innovation Cycle… Read more »

TTL V4 Lookback-State Of The Industry: The Algorithm Age

Welcome to Talent Tech Labs Lookback. We spend a lot of time exploring the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem and Marketplace, but while every TTL Trends Report focuses on a different theme, we occasionally like to look back at some of our greatest hits. This lookback features insight on the new age of algorithms in recruiting from… Read more »

Trends Report V7 Release: AI from Sourcing to Selection

Trends Report vol. 7: Real AI – Sourcing, Engagement, & Selection from Red Branch Media on Vimeo. From sourcing to selection, it’s clear that Artificial Intelligence is making its mark throughout the hiring process and beyond. This is why we took on the task of demystify AI in our latest Trends Report V7. The report… Read more »

About that AAAS

Analytics as a Service or AaaS is just one of the bleeding edge trends we’ve been keeping our eyes on here at Talent Tech Labs. We’re on the forefront of the technology impacting Talent Acquisition and our Trends Report and Ecosystem are just the tip of the iceberg. As we vet new Talent Acquisition technologies,… Read more »