TTL Saved TOPS Staffing Time Choosing The Right Tech Vendors

As a forward-thinking company, Talent Tech Labs prides itself in supporting those from all backgrounds. Often, we choose to highlight specific success cases in which our members found benefits from embracing a long-term partnership with our team of experts. Today, we’ll highlight how TOPS Staffing, LLC. utilized TLL’s advice when it came to sifting through the cluttered market of talent technology vendors. To see the full results, check out our complete case study.

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A Look Into TOPS Staffing

Founded in 1987, TOPS Staffing, LLC. focused their efforts on providing light technical and skilled assembly-level people to support a variety of industries. The niche they’ve carved out enables them to focus on doing one job and one job only, finding outstanding temporary or permanent employees for their clients. 

Through their internal recruiters, and with support from a full-time outside recruiter,  TOPS Staffing fills vacancies across the following roles:

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly
  • General and Skilled Assembly
  • Electrician and Mechanical Technicians 
  • General Labor and Fabricating 
  • Warehouse
  • Quality Assurance
  • Machining
  • Quality Control

The Challenge in The TA Tech Space

Despite being an industry leader up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, CEO of TOPS Staffing, Susan Dietrich, found the vendor market wildly cluttered and overwhelming. She and her Chief Operating Officer worked on researching many of the latest and most talked about tools, and while these tools were fun to test drive, the actual comparison of capabilities became quickly cumbersome. 

It was time-consuming to compare and contrast offerings, and it was nearly impossible to discern between the competing claims that different vendors offered. Dietrich quickly realized that all the hours she was spending on research and demos could be better allocated. Instead, she could devote her time to driving TOPS higher levels of sales and growth while delegating the research and comparison to an outside partner. That’s when she found Talent Tech Labs. 

Dietrich calculated that it could take a year or longer to work her way through every solution and tool on the market, but that timeline was unrealistic. She needed expert advice she could act on quickly, which meant she needed the insights of a TA technology vendor comparison expert. Dietrich found that support in TTL.

“Our partnership with Talent Tech Labs has been a huge success.”

Susan C. Dietrich, Principle at TOPS Staffing

TOPS Staffing’s Solution: TTL

Dietrich took the first step by becoming a member of Talent Tech Labs’ Staffing Technology Advisory Program. This partnership was formed with the central goal of optimizing their TA technology suite. 

Talent Tech Labs set to work by identifying the challenges and inefficiencies TOPS Staffing currently had in their recruiting process. By identifying these gaps, TTL could then discern where exactly TA tech could support their processes for better overall outcomes. 

After compiling and assessing their current tech stack, TTL was able to recommend newer technologies that enabled them to find and engage with new talent. Based on their current environment and technical complexity, these recommendations enabled TOPS to leverage this information in their decision-making. 

TTL’s reports were able to be used to gain confidence in each vendors’ capabilities, granting TOPS access to a short-list of proven solutions, ranked on the impact provided to the company.

“The depth of knowledge they provide has guided us through the rough waters of today’s constantly changing workforce landscape.”

Susan C. Dietrich, Principle at TOPS Staffing

How We Helped:

TOPS was able to shorten the time for identification, research, selection, and implementation of technology, thanks to TTL’s Staffing Technology Advisory Program. Traditionally, the selection time can take over a year, but with support from TTL, TOPS Staffing was able to reduce this time dramatically.

Thanks to the expertise and confidence of TTL’s team, TOPS felt very comfortable in their decision and implementation. TOPS was able to fill the technology gaps they had identified in their processes and access the timely information only available to members of TTL’s platform.

With assistance from @TalentTechLabs, TOPS #Staffing was able to quickly find and implement the #tools they needed to grow: Share on X

Talent Tech Labs brought to the table:

  • Unparalleled expertise. As the only research and advisory firm dedicated to selecting and implementing recruiting technologies, our industry knowledge stands out above the rest. 
  • Unbiased information. TTL never takes commissions or other forms of vendor funding through our research. 100% independent, TTL provides transparent and honest vendor data. 
  • Flexibility and agility. Since TTL takes a boutique approach to research, there is a quick turnaround time between the initial outreach and the delivery of value.

As the only research and advisory firm solely committed to fostering innovation, diversity, passion, and opportunity through elevating recruitment and TA technology, TLL empowers your team to do more with less. To learn more about what benefits you’ll experience when you partner with Talent Tech Labs, reach out to our team of experts and see how we can help you on your TA technology journey. 

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