An Inside look Into Talent Tech Labs V1 Trends Report

Welcome to Talent Tech Labs Lookback. We spend a lot of time exploring the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem and Marketplace and while every TTL Trends Report focuses on a different theme, we occasionally like to look back at some of our greatest hits.

Our inaugural issue featured a deep dive into the TTL Ecosystem, something we continue to iterate and build upon today. Here’s how we hoped the ecosystem would help people and what we promised would happen as it grew. Read on to see if we nailed it or if the project died on the vine…

TTL: Look Back Trends Report V1

All About the Talent Tech Labs Ecosystem: In our early research, there were more than 150 businesses innovating within the Talent Acquisition technology space—just in Talent Acquisition and staffing alone. The more we researched these innovative companies, the more we realized that the new ecosystem in Talent Acquisition technology was not just nationwide, but worldwide. The problem was that there was no real organization to it— plenty of innovation, but also plenty of clutter.

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The truth is, Talent Acquisition technology is a crowded space. Not every new product is a game-changer. That’s where TTL comes in. We apply our unique insights and analysis to select truly meaningful technologies and accurately place them in the Ecosystem. TTL has mapped and is tracking more than 800 companies, while new companies are emerging every day. We highlight only the most promising technologies to clear away the clutter, allowing you to focus your investments and energies on the most promising technologies.

A Roadmap for the Crowded Talent Acquisition Technology Space

To reduce literal and visual clutter, companies are organized into 30 different categories in a bubble chart format. These bubbles range from video interviewing to job boards, applicant tracking systems to skill assessment platforms, and more. These hyper-vertical bubbles are on a map that is broken into segments tracking a continuum from sourcing, to interviewing and hiring. The other axis ranges from B2B to B2C in order to more clearly portray the products and services as they appear in the hiring process. The relative size of the bubbles serves to illustrate the magnitude of the service sector. Here is one of the first Ecosystems.

trends report v1

New categories will likely emerge as old categories disappear. We are also storing our research and will be transitioning the Ecosystem into a web-based tool, so you’ll be able to track and monitor changes in the Talent Acquisition technology market—in real time. Ecosystem companies will also have the ability to update their information as they pivot, grow or get acquired.

Conclusion: We did it! In fact, not only did our ecosystem jump online, we’ve added tons of new categories, companies and iterations. The Talent Tech Labs Ecosystem is truly a living document. Head over to our Think Tank and Research area to view the PDF history of the ecosystem, or go to the live version on our site here. Other helpful resources, like our ecosystem report, can be found there as well.

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