Expanding into Talent Management: Expert Insights for the Entire Talent Technology Spectrum

Since 2014, Talent Tech Labs has established itself as the leading expert for talent technology strategy. We help talent leaders, recruiters, HR managers, and other talent technology professionals solve the greatest issues they are facing:

  • A rapidly expanding marketplace of innovative tools
  • The challenge to design the right technology stack for their business objectives 
  • A lack of time to research and evaluate talent technologies

Talent Tech Labs provides the insights and expertise to solve these challenges and transform businesses through the intelligent use of talent technology.

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Expert Talent Technology Insights for the Entire Spectrum

May 2022.

That’s the month we officially showcased our expert knowledge of the Talent Management market with the launch of our first-ever Talent Management Ecosystem.

Much like our previous TA Ecosystems, this extensive infographic and report classified and organized the most innovative, industry-leading players in the complex and ever-changing Talent Management technology landscape. Highlighting more than 245 companies, our taxonomy not only improves navigation for talent leaders but also provides a perspective on trends and future forecasts as it relates to the Talent Management tech space.

In alignment with our expert findings, the premiere Talent Management Ecosystem Offers:

  • 3 central stages of Talent Management: Engaging, Evaluating, and Developing
  • 7 verticals outlining the intricacies between each of these stages
  • 19 further classified sub-verticals covering topics like Internal Talent Marketplaces, Employee Listening, Employee Performance Measurement, and People Analytics

Solving Problems Today, Tomorrow, and for Years to Come

It’s well-known that organizations today face the toughest and tightest labor market in history. That’s what makes it so crucial for companies to increase their talent management and retention processes. Now a strategic imperative, people want tangible information for them to craft their approach.

Our comprehensive view of the talent technology spectrum can help anyone, from industry novices to experts, gain access to the intelligence and analysis they need to make an informed decision in their talent management strategies.

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With a focus on future-proofing talent strategy and tech stacks, we partner with talent leaders everywhere to help them stay ahead of the rapidly expanding and ever-changing market. Armed with the right research on trends and emerging technologies, you can effectively forecast the future of work and transform your business through the intelligent use of today’s cutting-edge tools for tomorrow.

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