Gaining New Insight into Talent Acquisition Technology Strategy

Mercer Explains Talent Tech Labs’ Ecosystem

Competition for skilled talent is hot — and increasingly challenging across the globe. Solutions — often from young innovative companies — hit the market almost daily. But how are recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals looking for new software solutions to ascertain which solutions make sense for them?

Mercer has partnered with Talent Tech Labs to:

  • Make sense of the overabundance of Talent Acquisition products on the market
  • Introduce new social, web, and mobile app features that touch every part of the recruit-to-hire process
  • Clarify the needed Talent Acquisition analytics for vendor evaluation to make better TA tech investments

Insight into Your Talent Acquisition Technology Strategy

Mercer’s report articulates Talent Tech Labs’ Ecosystem to provide actionable takeaways so you can:

  • Evaluate your employer brand to assess its authenticity across candidate-facing sites
  • Review your sourcing practices to determine which yield top performers, locate passive talent, and make optimal use of social networks
  • Reduce unconscious bias in screening by making hiring criteria consistent across your entire organization
  • Improve the hiring management process with the critical analytics needed for better hiring decision-making

Navigate the Growing Contingent Labor Marketplace

The number of contingent workers is rising globally, and 40% of the US workforce is comprised of contingent labor. As web and mobile technology enable the “gig economy,” HR and recruitment faces additional challenges.

Download the report:

talent acquisition strategyHow do you find the elusive talent you need on a short-term or temporary basis?

By becoming familiar with the evolving demands of contingent hiring and the tools that serve it in Mercer’s report.

The Landscape of Talent Sourcing via Social Networks

Niche sites are amassing significant volumes of resume data and providing more relevant content for candidate screening than traditional job sites. As these niche sites continue to grow, there is opportunity for digital profiles to replace traditional resumes.

You’ve got a pulse on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter social recruiting, but it’s time to leverage these industry-specific networks. Dive into the Mercer report to:

  • Evaluate your allocation of job board distribution platform sourcing and social sourcing
  • Paint a better picture of the kinds of networks that attract the candidates you seek
  • Take your sourcing strategy to the next level with comprehensive social network and aggregator intel

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