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Recruiting is no easy feat. It can be costly, take longer than it should, and to some Corporate TA leaders’ dismay, result in a hire that doesn’t stay quite as long as it seemed it takes to hire them! Whether trying to map out your EVP and build a winning employer brand to building job descriptions and advertisements that are engaging, informative and inclusive, today’s TA Leaders can struggle with the many demands on a busy recruiting team’s plate. Add to this the need to elevate the candidate experience, internal bottlenecks, back and forth with hiring managers…you get the idea. Being an innovative TA Leader can be incredibly complex.

Perhaps nothing is so complex as the need to ensure they’re not only a competent TA Leader but an innovative one. Enterprise HR Technology and in turn, TA Technology, can be an expensive and disruptive process. And no great Recruiting professional wants to mess it up.

Maybe that’s why many TA Leaders instinctively flock toward tried and true technology, even if it causes issues down the line. It’s proven and predictable. But how can a company’s Talent Acquisition process be innovative if their tech stack remains the same as it was 10 years ago?

Fortunately, here at Talent Tech Labs, we work with TA Leaders who are pushing the boundaries and implementing the best HR technologies to test the limits of what standard recruiting platforms can do. Why? Well, to simplify the complex processes we just discussed. But for many, it’s about ensuring they contribute to the bottom line of their company and keep the best talent coming in the door (and hopefully staying).

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Here are some of the innovative tools TA Leaders are using in a corporate environment today!

The TATech: ScoutExchange

What It Does: ScoutExchange offers a central database and exchange for companies who need to simplify and streamline their procurement and agency processes. A TA Leader can simply integrate ScoutExchange with their current ATS and the platform’s Machine Learning pairs the right search firms with open positions.

Why It’s Different: While ATS and Machine Learning are starting to become a bit standard, it’s the back-office features and procurement headaches this platform eases which make it so attractive to busy Talent Acquisition Pros.

Using this platform allows a TA Leader to search for an agency that specializes in a specific area and then ScoutExchange to manage and broker the deal, all inside the ATS. This makes lengthy procurement issues go away. Which in turn, speeds up the hiring process considerably.

The relationship obviously benefits both staffing firms and companies and gives them both access to one another that may have taken weeks to set up in the past. Plus the platform is completely free to use. It’s also integrated with all the big applicant tracking systems like Kenexa, Workday, iCims and more.

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The TATech: Talentegy

What It Does: Talentegy is an AI-enhanced Talent Analytics Platform that optimizes Recruiting and Talent Management to help companies continuously monitor Candidate and Employee Experience.

Why It’s Different: Talentegy is doubling down on candidate experience and may be one of the few AI players currently doing so with any fanfare. While many other AI-powered platforms use AI to give employee or candidate insights, Talentegy focuses on using AI to get insights about YOUR Talent Acquisition process.

Essentially, it sits on top of all the things you are currently doing and gives you a data-driven, actionable picture of where candidates are getting stuck, losing track, or just disappearing from the process. The nice thing is that while it’s not a “set it and forget it” product, you can run and capture data while you’re setting up other programs, making it a great product for TA Leaders trying to make a business case for better candidate experience to their colleagues.

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The TATech: Karat 

What It Does: Karat conducts highly predictive technical interviews that power world-class hiring processes for leading organizations.

Why It’s Different: Karat takes the “posing” recruiters have had to do when interviewing technical candidates out of the equation. While some companies have their own coders and developers hiring or assessing candidates, many more still just wing it on a hope and prayer.

Karat purports to eliminate this, having their engineers conduct ONLY the engineering portion of the interview, freeing up both recruiters, internal coders and developers and increasing time to offer significantly.

There’s also a benchmarking component which allows highly competitive companies see where they sit when it comes to hiring elite technical talent, making it a powerful tool in the hands of hiring managers and TA Leaders who want to make changes in compensation, benefits, hiring processes and more!

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Corporations must adapt and innovate to keep up with the changes in the talent landscape which is why many are adopting these emerging and innovative technologies. At Talent Tech Labs, we’re constantly looking at new tools and platforms throughout the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem. To learn more about how we can assist companies and TA Leaders, fill out this form.

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