Join TTL at the World Staffing Summit

Talent Tech Labs is excited to participate in the World Staffing Summit this year! On Friday, January 28th, our team will be hosting Technology Day, aimed at maximizing productivity through technology for staffing professionals. As the final day in the 5-day World Staffing Summit, TTL’s Technology Day is sure to close out the world’s largest virtual event for staffing leaders with a bang.

A day filled with exciting and insightful sessions focused on the practical uses and applications of technology, Talent Tech Labs has assembled some of the leading vendors, client executives, and expert panelists to help elevate awareness of how innovation can be gainfully applied to staff businesses, from large global staffing companies to small regional agencies, satisfying the need for market intelligence and understanding the state of talent acquisition technology today and where it’s headed in the future.

Taking place virtually, this free event is sure to enhance your knowledge base, giving you the market intelligence you need to better understand the landscape and predict the future state of talent acquisition technology. For an overview of which sessions we are hosting and what you can expect, check out our list below.

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Keynote: Overview of the Talent Acquisition and Management Technology Landscape: Strategies and Trends for Winning in the New World of Work

In this keynote session, Talent Tech Labs touches on our own deep library of research and advisory work to help set the stage for the current state of technology use and innovation across the industry. With the pace of technology innovation rising significantly, TA professionals need to know what to expect in the coming months. Take part in this session for a deep dive into what technologies are changing the staffing industry, how tech is impacting the candidate experience, and what evolutions you can expect in the near future.

Best Practices for Implementing a Deployment Platform

Creating an enjoyable and digital-first experience for clients and candidates is a crucial aspect of modern-day talent acquisition. Part of this digital transformation is enabled by tools like deployment platforms. While many companies understand the need for advanced technologies, troubles arise when trying to implement and roll out these solutions. In this session, TTL experts will help break down the barrier to understanding deployment platforms by covering topics like:

  • What is a deployment platform?
  • Capabilities of deployment platforms
  • Metrics for measuring success
  • Advantages of licensing versus building a solution
  • Tips and best practices for implementation or deployment platforms.

Disruption or Opportunity? The Platformization of Staffing

The staffing industry faces a simultaneous threat and opportunity due to the rise of online labor intermediaries. Our TTL presenters open up the discussion on these platforms by looking at the evolution of these solutions, the impact they’ll have on your organization, and ways you can navigate and thrive in a digital-first world. Other topics of discussion include the impact platforms have on client patterns, the rise of remote work, and the future landscape of staffing firms.

So You Want to be a Unicorn? How to Scale a TA Technology Business

Let’s face it — there are no shortages of problems that recruiters need to solve. That’s why the market is ripe for lucrative technology builders. Building a winning technology solution takes hard work, but with the advice of those who have successfully done so, you can get a leg up on the market. In this insightful session that both builders and users of technology will enjoy, we hear stories from those who have succeeded in building winning tech. Their insights will help you:

  • Learn how to scale a tech business
  • Understand how to create and implement growth strategies
  • Discover the metrics that matter for securing funding
  • What parts of the ecosystem are hot and why

Technology Solutions and Best Practices for Small Staffing Companies

In this session, our TTL team will offer practical tips for the technology solutions that small staffing firms need to grow. By considering the unique challenges and needs of these firms, our team will help provide insight into the kinds of tech that can create the biggest impact on your business and investment strategies.

Making Assessments Work for Your Staffing Business

Properly assessing and evaluating candidates is one of the most critical components of recruiting. Yet, many recruiters and hiring managers find that their assessment process is lacking. In many cases, these processes haven’t even been updated or changed in decades. TTL is here to help in our session focused on the most cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies you can use to properly assess candidates. Join us for tips on choosing the right tech and strategy for you, as well as best practices for implementing these strategies into your organization. 

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Keynote: View from the Boardroom: Building the Staffing Firm of the Future

Sometimes it can be hard to sort out the noise and find a clear strategy and path forward. In our keynote event, TTL facilitates discussion between global industry leaders about the kinds of tools and strategies they are pursuing to create a future-ready staffing firm. Attendees will gain an inside look into the strategic processes of the world’s largest and most successful staffing organizations. Our thought leaders also take some time to discuss future trends in the staffing industry.

How to Build a Direct Sourcing Business

Industry leaders believe that direct sourcing will be one of the most impactful trends in the staffing industry over the next decade. While many direct sourcing programs are relatively new, TTL expects that these solutions will grow your revenue significantly over the next few years. In our hands-on and practical session, we’ll help you discover ways to capitalize on this growing trend by building out a direct sourcing program.

The Current and Future State of Direct Sourcing

Growing off our other direct sourcing session, this discussion will center around the current and predicted future landscape of TA as it relates to direct sourcing solutions. Attendees will hear directly from program managers, implementers, and builders about the current state of direct sourcing, growth trends, technologies used, and the impact on the supply chain. Additional insight will be provided on how your organization can participate in the growing ecosystem of solutions.

AMA — Real Talk Straight from the Experts

Our fast-paced and highly interactive session will offer attendees the chance to ask those questions that are burning in the back of their minds. Our panel of experts will be here to answer any questions you might have — no question is too taboo, and no topic is too niche. We encourage you to bring your most pressing and important questions so that our experts can help you get the answers you need to grow your business.

Tools and Strategies for Sourcing in a Candidate Constrained Environment

It’s no secret that today’s hiring environment is one of the most challenging in modern history. It’s a candidate-driven market, meaning recruiters are working overtime to fight over the best talent on the market. Due to this, job advertisement costs have skyrocketed. In this intriguing session, our team will help you create practical strategies for finding, attracting, and hiring the right talent without breaking your bank. Join us for an insightful look at the tools and technologies you can use to support your recruiters during this difficult hiring market.

Automating Your Staffing Business

Growth and scaling staffing operations is one aspect of business many firms struggle with. Much of this can be attributed to a large amount of manual, human-intensive workflows companies adhere to. With so many technologies and advanced solutions on the market, now is the time to embrace automation. In this session, you’ll gain insight into the specific methods and technologies you can use to automate your workflows, freeing up your internal resources.

These sessions are only one part of the largest global staffing event of the year! Need even more reason to attend? This event is SHRM and HRCI certified, meaning you can gain credit while attending from the comfort of your office or home. Sign up now to become part of the forward-thinking group shaping the future of the staffing industry.

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