The Joy of Automation – Taking the Pain Out of Job Distribution

Distributing job posts is the first step in the candidate sourcing process. Attractive job advertisements and eloquent descriptions are key factors in candidate engagement and will impact whether or not a candidate wishes to apply or look further into the company’s website. Businesses can reach candidates globally using Programmatic Advertising or Job Distribution tools, which posts jobs to thousands of job boards, social networks, search engines, and corporate websites.

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Why would a company want to use such a tool?

Companies may want to automate their job distribution and advertising process for several reasons. 1) To expand the reach of a job post and get more applicants and 2) Try and optimize the effectiveness/ROI of the recruitment marketing budget.

For large companies that have many positions to fill, posting to several different career sites manually is time-consuming and error-prone, and recruiters may spend hours writing, editing, or formatting, which cuts into their overall productivity. Updating a single job post and removing it is tedious. Should a recruiter forget to delete an expired job, candidates who apply would either still be fed into the ATS system unreviewed, or sit in limbo; either case makes for poor candidate experience. All of this makes automating the job posting process a potential time and money saver.


Different options are available for effectively distributing and driving traffic to job posts, whether through a Programmatic Advertising or a Job Distribution tool.

The most common method of online job advertising is to purchase licenses for various job boards and manually posting jobs across them. Larger firms typically use several vendors, often specialized around the different occupations being sourced.

There are two components of effectively distributing a job post online:

  1. Expanding its reach: getting a job post in front of as many “eyeballs” as possible to increase the number of applicants.
  2. Automating the postings and updates across multiple platforms: recruiters only update a job post once, and it updates across the network of sites where the job post may live automatically.
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Programmatic job advertising is designed to address the first problem (expanding reach), while job distributors typically handle the second problem (automating the job post across platforms). Below are some factors to consider when evaluating a tool for distribution or programmatic job advertising.

  • Number of accessible job boards across different regions
  • Integration with current ATS and/or CRM systems
  • Pricing model (per job post or per recruiter seat)
  • Analytics dashboard to determine the most effective job posting platform
  • Level of job description formatting to accommodate different websites
  • One-click posting, editing, and deleting across every channel

For more information about how to leverage automation for job distribution, download our newest report Playbook: Distributing Jobs. This is a results and case-study oriented guide, with a focus not just on technology, but also the business processes that need to be in place to support success.