What We Learned At The World Staffing Summit

On Friday, January 28, 2022, Talent Tech Labs hosted the final day of the World Staffing Summit. With conversations centered around technology trends and solutions, this day was aptly named “Technology Day.”

Talent Tech Labs gathered more than 40 speakers to present across 13 insightful sessions. This list of speakers was packed with experts across a variety of areas, including staffing leaders, talent technology builders, venture capitalists, and other field experts.

In all, more than 3,000 attendees joined the World Staffing Summit, taking part in the biggest global staffing event of the year. We were honored to be asked to host such a significant day, filled with great discussions and networking opportunities. 

Today, we’re taking time to highlight 3 key trends discussed during the event.

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Trend #1: The Increasing Use Of Deployment Platforms

“Best Practices for Implementing a Deployment Platform”

A category of software developed by third-party vendors, deployment platforms work to replicate the features and capabilities of online staffing firms. Working similar to an app, deployment platforms typically include information such as:

  • Worker profiles
  • Work history
  • Automated matching for assignments
  • Rankings for candidates and clients

Most of these deployment platforms focus on short-term assignments, such as hourly or shift-based jobs. Some industries in which deployment platforms are typically utilized include the hospitality industry, retail, healthcare, and education. As more industries and organizations rely upon these solutions to support their short-term hiring needs, people need further insights on the best practices and implementation strategies for deployment platforms.

In the “Technology Day” World Staffing Summit event, President and Chief Operating Officer of Talent Tech Labs, Brian Delle Donne was joined by Keith Corrigan, COO of Integrity Staffing Solutions, Ericka Hyson, President of WorkN, Rohan Jacob, CEO of TimeSaved, and Aram Hampoian, CEO of CoreMedical Group for a discussion surrounding the use of deployment platforms. 

For deeper insight into how best to use these solutions and what to expect in the future when it comes to staffing, watch the session here.

Trend #2: Technology Suited To Fit The Needs Of Smaller Staffing Firms

“Technology Solutions and Best Practices for Small Staffing Companies”

Many times, discussions on best practices and tech solutions for staffing are geared towards the companies with larger budgets. But, the reality is that smaller staffing firms need the support of these tools, as well, and can implement these strategies into their existing processes. 

As new technologies emerge, understanding how each vendor differs in its capabilities and insights can be tricky. Finding solutions that work how you need them to at the price you can afford can be even trickier. As a leading talent acquisition and talent management technology research and advisory firm, Talent Tech Labs brings in a level of expertise to the discussion that cannot be matched.

More than 3,000 people joined the #WorldStaffingSummit, where @TalentTechLabs hosted 13 sessions showcasing the benefits of implementing new #tech into your staffing firms, best practices for implementation, and more: Click To Tweet

During Technology Day at the World Staffing Summit, Brian Delle Donne, President and Chief Operating Officer of TTL, and Jourdan Block​, Chief Operating Officer of Staffing The World, brought the conversations surrounding smaller staffing firms to the front of mind.

In their session, “Technology Solutions and Best Practices for Small Staffing Companies,” Brian and Jourdan provided insights and practical tips for investing in and implementing technology solutions that small staffing firms need to grow.

For smaller staffing firms, investing in tech takes more focus. With a smaller budget, you need to be certain that the tools you invest in operate in the way you need, and provide you the insight into your organization that you’re looking for. When you watch this informational session, you can expect tailored advice on choosing the kinds of tools that will best impact your growth.

Trend #3: What The Staffing Firm Of The Future Looks Like

“Building The Staffing Firm of The Future”

If “Technology Day” was any clue, the way of the future is through tech. Previously, staffing firms and recruiters have relied upon manual processes to enter and evaluate data and candidate information. These processes were time-consuming and open to human error and bias.

As technologies emerge, organizations have sought tools that enable them to automate some of these processes to AI and machine learning tools. This frees up the time they are spending compiling data and helps them make a more informed decision along the way.

It’s clear that technology is here to stay regarding staffing and talent management. But, what kind of technology is it that your organization needs to better manage your investments and capital?

In his session at the World Staffing Summit, Vice President of Research, David Francis, is joined by Joanie Bily, Chief Workforce Officer of EmployBridge, Thomas Jajeh, Chief Digital Officer of Randstad Sourceright, Chris Hartman, the Global Development Officer for Allegis Group, Inc. and Eric Gilpin, Senior Vice President, Sales at Upwork for a riveting discussion on what the formula is for building a strong staffing firm in the future.

We’ve all experienced unprecedented changes over the last few years, but with strategic planning and the support of an adaptable tech suite, organizations have navigated the waters well. Staying ahead of the curve and preparing for the future is something that all organizations should be thinking about.

Though the World Staffing Summit is over, the conversations surrounding technology and future trends are not. At Talent Tech Labs, we’re always talking about the latest emerging tech and researching the trends impacting staffers and talent technology builders. Stay ahead of the curve by becoming a member of TTL so that you can get exclusive access to these insights and research reports.

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