Under the Microscope: Modern Hire Acquires Sonru

The Shift to More Comprehensive, All-in-One Recruitment and Hiring Solutions

Modern Hire, a recruiting and hiring solutions platform, acquires Sonru, a provider of automated video interviewing technology. Modern Hire announced their acquisition of Sonru in the blog “Modern Hire Expands Global Footprint.”

In response to their acquisition, Brian Stern, President of Modern Hire, remarks, “The combination with Sonru was compelling due to our tremendous alignment in culture and values, and Sonru’s success in the EMEA and APAC regions. This will increase our in-market presence in major growth geographies and enable us to better anticipate the changing needs of our global buyers.” 

Modern Hire believes the combined efforts with Sonru “offers the most comprehensive enterprise hiring technology product suite in the global marketplace.” They anticipate the acquisition result in “extending Modern Hire’s team, reach, and expertise, and providing enhanced value to Sonru’s clients.”

In Modern Hire’s statement, Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research Partners Founder, states, “the acquisition signals strength in a burgeoning market. Employers are moving away from standalone interview and assessment tools in favor of more comprehensive solutions that improve quality of hire and overall experience.” 

David Francis, Director of Research at TTL, weighs on the possibilities of further consolidation within the talent acquisition market and sheds light on where the TA tech space is headed: 

“We’ve seen consolidation and increasing feature overlap among video interview providers and assessment companies (Modern Hire itself was the combination of Shaker and Montage),” says David Francis, Director of Research at TTL. “The acquisition was likely a way for Modern Hire to quickly get into the APAC and European market, regions where Sonru is quite strong. It also is representative of longer term trends towards bespoke point solutions getting gobbled up and integrated into more holistic recruiting platforms.” 

About Modern Hire

Modern Hire is an all-in-one enterprise hiring platform that enables users to continuously improve hiring results through more personalized, data-driven experiences for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. The Modern Hire platform combines trusted science and technology to predict performance, ensure fairness, and automate workflow—enterprise-wide. It includes AI, predictive analytics, assessment, interviewing, and scheduling technology in a single SaaS solution that integrates with leading HCM systems.

About Sonru 

Sonru is an automated video interviewing solution for screening candidates. Sonru is an online video technology company headquartered in the South East of Ireland with offices in the UK and Singapore. Sonru’s automated online video interview solution replaces first round phone and on-site interviews. Sonru has a global client and candidate reach and is expanding at a rapid rate. Sonru formally entered the UK market in January 2011.

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