New Survey Results Are In: Nearly 200 Talent Acquisition Leaders on TA Tech

We all know Talent Acquisition is changing fast, but what’s next? Over the last three years, the amount of new technology coming to market has been mind-numbing, and the pace is only accelerating. 

Talent Tech Lab’s 2017 State of Talent Acquisition Technology report utilizes data from its proprietary online survey of senior Talent Acquisition and HR leaders. A total of 189 responses were received globally during its field time from April 11, 2017 to May 5, 2017.

Compared to just last year, we are seeing more technology providers enter the market. Meanwhile, mature companies are pouring money into innovation with a newfound intensity. The truth is, the processes that make up Talent Acquisition are arduous and inefficient. Hence why innovators are seeking to solve for these inefficiencies.

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In the years ahead, the skills shortage will continue to drive the demand for investments in new Talent Acquisition Technology, particularly in the area of sourcing solutions.

In this report, we identify the changing economic and political trends that are shaping the wider talent pool and the strategies to acquire it, and we look at the technology solutions that are best adapting to this fast-changing environment.

We explore the challenges to technology adoption and call out the measures of success respondents work towards today. And of course, we highlight the technologies that have been deemed most innovative and those that have underwhelmed early adopters.

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The report concludes with our respondents’ predictions for the future direction of our industry, looking ahead to prominent technologies that have room to grow, and the likely role of TA in assuming a prevalent role in the engagement and acquisition of non-employee talent.

At Talent Tech Labs, our mission is to improve the state of the art in Talent Acquisition through innovation.

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