NEXT Event: The Best of the Talent Acquisition Tech Ecosystem Under One Roof

Talent Tech NEXT is happening May 3 at 230 Fifth, NYC.

We’re offering 50% off registration with the code: TALENT50. Register here.

What is NEXT?

Created exclusively for Talent Acquisition leaders, Talent Tech NEXT delivers insightful market intelligence and carefully curated company demos. Never a sales pitch. You will discover—and interact directly with—cutting-edge, fully-vetted technologies that are ready to implement directly into your recruiting stack. Additionally, you will learn about top trends and real use-case implementation strategies from industry practitioners who are actual agents of change and experts within the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem.

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Past NEXT attendees include executives from Amazon, Fidelity, Microsoft, E*Trade, Samsung, Nike, PwC, KPMG, Intuit, and many more.

What happens at NEXT?:

During the event, TTL will showcase a dozen NEXT technology solutions in a demo-style presentation by members of the respective company. Presentations are interactive with audience members, where TA attendee “buyers” are given access to TTL’s NEXTmessage app where they will “invest” in companies using NEXTcoin (TTL’s faux cryptocurrency). The two winning startups will give deep-dive presentations at the close of the program to determine the top tech providers with the highest-valued tech touchpoints and solutions.


Who will be at NEXT?:

We recently announced Matt Hoffman, VP, People at DigitalOcean as the Keynote Speaker for Talent Tech NEXT. In the 3 years he has been with DigitalOcean, he has helped scale the company from 70 employees to over 410!

Matt is responsible for leadership in the practice areas of people operations, talent acquisition, talent development, and employee experience at one of the fastest growing and most successful startups in NYC. He will share his thoughts on:

  • Building a high-velocity Talent Acquisition function authentically connected to the broader HR mission
  • Creating a unique and compelling employer brand and candidate experience
  • Optimizing your entire talent acquisition function with the right technology stack for higher, more efficient hiring
  • Engaging an entire organization as partners in the sourcing and hiring process

Additional speakers include Brian Delle Donne, President of Talent Tech Labs, Jonathan Kestenbaum, Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs, Joe Leo, Founder of DefMethod and Lucas Perlman, International Partnership Manager at MaRS Discovery District.

“This year’s NEXT event features some truly unique technologies we’ve been excited to work hands-on with in development stages over the past few months,” said Jonathan Kestenbaum, Managing Director at Talent Tech Labs.

“We 110% believe these tech builders are going to give buyers incredible demos that will change the way they think about Talent Acquisition approaches in the coming months.”

Why should you attend?:

Attendees will discover and interact directly with cutting-edge, fully-vetted technologies that are ready to implement directly into existing recruitment stacks. TTL and tech presenters are changing the way TA leaders select and integrate recruitment technologies to empower teams for success.

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About NEXT:

NEXT, hosted by Talent Tech Labs, is a quarterly conference held in cities with the most sophisticated Talent Acquisition tech landscapes in the nation. At each event, a dozen startup- and mid-level TA technologies enter to present in front of the industry’s most prestigious TA buyers and leaders. Attendees view presentations for each competing technology, and “invest” in the technologies with the highest-quality solutions, leaving two winners at the end of the day.

Each event hosts keynote presentations about the industry’s latest trends and changes by some of TTL’s executive leaders and a small handful of guest leaders and speakers.

About Talent Tech Labs:

Talent Tech Labs is recognized as the foremost thought leader in applying emerging Talent Acquisition Technology. Our mission is to foster innovation and accelerate technology adoption to improve the state of the art in recruitment.

TTL has a deep expertise in emerging technologies applicable across the recruitment lifecycle. We provide custom research, actionable insights, and decision support for TA buyers intent on attracting and deploying the best talent in their industry.

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