Talent Tech Labs NOW Event Recap: 5 TA Technologies You Should Know

Talent Tech Labs recently hosted Talent Tech NOW, an event created for investors in talent technologies. NOW is an invite-only investor pitch day with 5 expertly-curated, innovative Talent Acquisition Technology companies, each given a chance to showcase and pitch their tech to a group of investors. The presenting startups are in the early or growth-stages and already have SaaS HR Tech products that have gained traction in the market.

We want to thank our gracious venue hosts, Goodwin Law, for letting us host our Fall 2018 NOW event in the Goodwin Law suite in the New York Times Building. Goodwin’s Technology & Life Sciences Practice offers a team of 180+ attorneys focused on venture financing, intellectual property, corporate partnering, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance. One of the largest combined practices in the United States, the group represents more than 1,200 technology and life science companies, 200 venture capital and private equity firms and many of the leading investment banks worldwide.

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Speakers at NOW

The leadership team from Talent Tech Labs, including President, Brian Delle Donne, Managing Director, Jonathan Kestenbaum and Incubation Operations Manager, Rory O’Doherty all helped kick off the NOW event this past October. Jonathan, TTL’s Managing Director, informed the participating investors on the latest trends that Talent Tech Labs has been noticing in the Talent Acquisition ecosystem and provided insight into where TTL believes the market is going. Before the participating Startup’s presented, Rory, our Incubation Operations Manager spoke to the investors and brought them up to speed on what has been happening in the industry that pertained to each specific company sub-vertical.

Managing Director, Jonathan Kestenbaum

Rory O’Doherty – Incubator Operations Manager

Participating Startups

Plum’s Talent Recommendation Engine (called Ultraviolet) provides a universal data set that

matches human potential to the right jobs, solving mid-size and enterprise companies’ toughest talent acquisition, talent management and workforce planning challenges.

Plum hosts the single largest database for quantifying human potential at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Through talent assessments founded in Industrial/Organizational

Psychology, Plum measures 10 unique talents — such as innovation, adaptability and communication — that predict on-the-job success in any role. This data helps companies make successful hires, and informs professional development, career pathing and high-potential capability.

Presenting: Caitlin MacGregor, CEO & Cofounder of Plum

Opus AI makes AI-powered blind candidate screening. Rich profiles showing candidate qualifications are created, while redacting their identity, ensuring a bias-free screening process. Blind screening is a great way to jump-start diversity hiring, and Opus AI makes it easy.

Opus AI’s SaaS product uses AI to build rich, anonymized profiles of candidates, and to manage a blind screening workflow. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of skills, soft skills, cultural values, personality and other qualifications. Opus AI also keeps an evidence trail of how candidates were handled during screening, to protect companies against charges of discrimination.

Presenting: Loren Davie, CEO/CTO of Opus AI

RoboRecruiter activates candidate profiles and keeps them active through chatbot technology. This results in a decrease in the time to hire and recruitment costs. RoboRecruiter started bringing on paying customers at the beginning of 2018 and now works with the largest recruitment companies in the world.

RoboRecruiter keeps candidate profiles active at scale to significantly decrease the time to hire.

This is done through the use of chatbot technology. RoboRecruiter’s clients are recruitment companies and large companies with large fast moving hiring needs.

Presenting: Chris Collins, CEO of RoboRecruiter

Launched from Wichita, Kansas in 2015, KNOXX is a technology company developing effective solutions in the HR and recruiting marketspace with vertical opportunities beyond. After beginning by providing video recruiting services to a career fair event company, KNOXX conceived the Alyss technology in 2016 and began its construction in 2017.

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Alyss is an agile, machine learning, AI technology that watches an individual speaking through video from a human perspective then measures and quantifies the soft skills being demonstrated. Simply put, give Alyss 30-60 seconds of video and using 4 proprietary algorithms, Alyss will reveal how Positive, Articulate, Confident, and Energetic an individual is on a scale up to 100.

Presenting: Mike Mathia, Founder and CEO of Alyss Analytics

Source smart. Hire smarter. While traditionally it takes days to weeks for companies to identify and pre-qualify talent, rolebot AI can accomplish it in seconds, surfacing the top proven tech talent at any given time.  Welcome to the rolebot Revolution. rolebot is pre-qualifying the talent pool, focusing on actionable data to surface verifiable and proven talent.

Presenting: Shane Bernstein, CEO & Founder of rolebot

About Talent Tech Labs

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Talent Tech Labs (TTL) engages in investigation, research, validation and acceleration of talent technologies by fostering and connecting early-stage companies with forward thinkers in the industry. Visit our website to explore what TTL has to offer you!

So, What’s NEXT?

Immerse yourself in the digital transformation when you attend Talent Tech NEXT North on November 14, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario. This must-attend conference was created specifically for Talent Acquisition thought-leaders to discover and interact with innovative technologies that have passed our strict vetting process. Plus, engage with NEXTmessaging during our startup round. The two winning companies will even be given the chance to demo their products to the attendees. Find out how you can get in on the NEXT big event!

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