[Part 3] CRM is Enhancing the Candidate Experience

Companies in the Candidate Relationship Management segment are focusing at the top of the candidate engagement funnel by interacting with potential and future hires to build a talent community. With such a growing emphasis on the candidate experience, effective CRM solutions are critical to building up rapport with candidates prior to selection and, hopefully, engaging them enough to want to apply with the company. 

While some aspects of the basic feature set of CRM platforms are included in Applicant Tracking Systems (e.g., candidate profile development, search and apply, hiring manager profiles), CRM tools are innovating the front-end of the talent acquisition process in how they capture candidate leads and execute ongoing engagement strategies with talent.

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The most significant talent acquisition trend in this area is that CRM tools are trying to tap into the passive candidate population and focus on expanding the candidate pipeline to speed up hiring processes with quality talent. Passive talent is not only the most challenging and costly to recruit, but they’re the cream of the crop.

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Cream of the Crop CRM Features Roundup:

  • Automated active and passive candidate profile development.
  • Ability to search candidates and extract profile data from external sources such as job boards, social media sites, and ATS.
  • Relevant, curated content sent to candidates to nurture engagement with the company.
  • Automatic, targeted (or personalized) email campaigns and social advertising e.g., on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Analytics and reporting to track campaign and outreach effectiveness.
  • Customizable and mobile-optimized career sites that can be deployed onto social platforms.
  • Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems and other enterprise technologies.
  • Collaboration and workflow tools for talent acquisition teams as well as hiring managers.

Progressive organizations treat their candidates and employees with the same attention they give to their customers. CRM tools and processes have evolved from a static approach to capturing inbound candidates’ basic information to powerful systems for acquiring, engaging, nurturing and retaining quality candidates who may start out as passive candidates. With the current and growing skills gap and an increasingly picky workforce, having CRM solutions that go above and beyond to establish and keep relationships with candidates are vital to a strong passive candidate recruitment strategy.

Candidate Relationship Management Contenders:

  • Avature
  • Innovate CV
  • TalentCircles
  • Talemetry
  • HireNurture
  • TalentHook

Grow an effective CRM solution with candidate experience in mind by building a relationship with candidates before you select them. Engaging with candidates allows them the invite to come toward your company, showing interest in your outreach.

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