Take A Peek Into Ecosystem 10

This Ecosystem marks a substantial milestone for the Talent Tech Labs team. Our Ecosystem was designed to provide clarity and insight for practitioners and has evolved significantly over the years. Today, the release of our 10th edition of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem reflects the industry’s latest, most innovative, and influential companies.

Take A Look Inside Our 10th Edition Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem is designed to reflect each stage in the hiring process, Source, Engage, Select, and Hire.  Over the years, the Talent Acquisition market has experienced tremendous shifts, driven by advancements in technology, the economy, recruitment best practices, and the long-term repercussions of a global pandemic and shift to remote and hybrid work. Our 10th edition of the Ecosystem looks at the four stages with a focused lens to better evaluate the current landscape and predict the future.

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Ecosystem 10 Source

Take a deeper look at how the latest tools and technologies on the market are impacting organizations’ and recruiters’ ability to source top talent. Our researchers explore how enterprise tools like Recruiter and Talent  Marketplaces are creating opportunities to network and foster communities amongst job seekers and recruiters. While temporary labor markets were accelerated during Covid-19, will the need for contingent workers continue as organizations adjust back to pre-pandemic levels? Our 10th Edition Ecosystem helps shed light so you can prepare.

Ecosystem 10 Engage

In the engage stage, you’ll get the latest insights and analytics regarding the use of conversation bots, CRM tools, and AI in candidate engagement. With the right strategies, you can ensure no candidate gets lost in the mix. Today’s recruitment marketing strategies can be built to support you like never before, creating a seamless approach to candidate sourcing and engagement through job advertising tools, AI-powered CRMs, and employer branding solutions. To see what other industry experts are saying or find out more about the latest tech, download our Capstone Ecosystem 10.

Ecosystem 10 Select

Assessments and driving efficiencies through the interview process are at the forefront of the select stage of our Ecosystem 10. No one wants to lose an applicant before the offer, or hire and invest in onboarding a new employee, only for them to be a bad culture fit. That’s why the focus is on ensuring you find the right person for the job the first time around and move them quickly through the hiring process. As researchers look towards the future of work, Blockchain Technology continues to pop up in discussions. Take a deeper look into candidate selection trends and technologies after you download our 10th Edition Ecosystem.

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Ecosystem 10 Hire

The final stage of our Ecosystem 10 looks at Talent Acquisition Technology in the broader scope of hiring initiatives.  While exact solutions are being carved out, Direct Sourcing seems to be offering organizations an opportunity to meet their hiring goals without the need for a staffing partner. The cloud-based solutions of the future are paving the way for more agile and more intelligent management systems. Get the full scope in the Capstone Ecosystem 10.

Ecosystem 10 showcases the most innovative and influential in the Talent Technology tools today. Our goal at Talent Tech Labs is to help companies cut through the noise and marketing and identify the right combination of tools that solve their unique business challenges. Our research and advisory services equip TA leaders with TA technology awareness and adoption confidence.

Want to learn more about the Ecosystem, gain better insights into applying tech to your business challenges, are considering your own digital Talent Acquisition transformation, or have a question about a specific technology category or vendor? Get in touch with Talent Tech Labs today.