QuantumWorks Roundtable Discussion Recap

In a May 2022 roundtable featuring expert insights from QuantumWork, Allegis Global Solutions, and moderated by TTL’s Brian Delle Donne – we were exposed to some fresh and valuable takes on what talent acquisition professionals are looking for in their tech stack. 

Keep reading to gain key talking points and solutions for the future of talent acquisition and talent management technology.

Seeking A Better Way to Keep Up

If we can be certain about one thing, it’s that there’s no shortage of options for talent acquisition technology. In fact, during the roundtable with Allegis Global Solutions and QuantumWork, experts asserted that some organizations employ as many as 14 different products or platforms to address their talent acquisition needs. 

It’s not hard to see the potential issues with using over a dozen different technologies. With so many platforms, it’s hard to ensure centralized information you can actually act on. After all, what is the purpose of employing so many products if you can’t simplify the process and let the different platforms talk to one another?

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This leads to a larger question: why are these technology stacks so complicated? Is there something out there that can help connect these platforms? Having valuable data and unique analysis on several platforms that don’t offer integrations leaves this information to fend for itself.

Implementation Challenges

How did we get here? For one, technology providers can often overlook a client’s actual needs or overpromise on a solution that simply can’t deliver. This causes significant confusion among organizations, making a problem area even more difficult. 

New technology often sounds like the perfect solution to talent acquisition woes. Still, if it’s not properly vetted and doesn’t deliver on its promises, it can worsen the initial problem. Instead of having the tool you need, you’re saddled with an expensive platform and left wondering what to do.

This exact situation can often be the result of technology providers overestimating the power of their offerings and not truly comprehending what customers would use the technology for in business cases. 

It’s far too easy to get caught up in flashy technology and the promises of what it can do. Still, when it comes time to integrate this into your normal tech stack, change management doesn’t happen. Implementation slows—leaving you, once again, with an exacerbated problem and no solution in sight.

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Access to Talent & Internal Mobility

Another issue talent acquisition professionals face is the lack of access to talent and knowledge about their current workforce. Ultimately, every TA leader knows they need to have great marketing outreach and be able to usher candidates through their process. 

Automated marketing and customer relationship management systems have shown up time and time again in this conversation. In this case, TA professionals want to employ CRMs with a sourcing function that can generate scripts and messaging tailored to different types of talent.

The sourcing feature in CRMs can be incredibly old-fashioned and does not take into account skills and capabilities in the interview process. This leads to many candidates showing up to interviews lacking the integral skills needed to tackle their desired role. Not only are you getting unprepared talent, but you also end up wasting valuable time and resources on someone who will likely not make it past the first round of interviews. 

Additionally, talent acquisition leaders are worried about a lack of insight into their current team’s skills and abilities. Not having a comprehensive view of their team makes it incredibly difficult to pinpoint team members who need upskilling and could potentially fill open positions. You can create upward mobility and fill roles faster by having a better inventory of your talent’s current abilities.

The technology used in talent acquisition can make all the difference between a high-powered, efficient process and another tech platform in your unused toolbox. After our thought-provoking discussions during the roundtable with QuantumWork, we’ve zoomed in on some of the most notable issues faced by today’s talent acquisition leaders.

Today’s talent technology landscape can be admittedly hard to navigate. But, with the proper guidance and vetting in place, you can be confident that the technology you’re investing in can actually do the job it advertises.

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