A Quick & Dirty Guide to Ecosystem 8.0

The 8th edition of the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem highlights the latest, most innovative, and influential companies in the industry today.


The Tech Ecosystem is organized by Hiring Stage, sub-vertical, and whether the tools are more focused on the employer or the candidate. In each stage –Source, Engage, Select and Hire–the Talent Acquisition market has experienced tremendous shifts, driven by changes in technology, candidate and client preferences, the economy, and recruiting practices. Our survey data suggests that companies are having the most trouble sourcing qualified candidates and engaging them, and, unsurprisingly, these two areas were the parts of the ecosystem where we saw the most growth.

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The overall structure of the ecosystem is largely unchanged from the previous one (we made several definitional and semantic changes to increase clarity, and added two sub-verticals). The biggest change is the significant revisions to the actual companies highlighted in the ecosystem: 74 companies were cut from the Ecosystem and 110 were added.

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  • High-levels of vendor churn in “Career Advice & Coaching” and “Job Search”
  • Companies are having the most trouble sourcing qualified candidates and engaging them
  • CRM functionalities are increasingly being added to “Social Search Tools” and “ATS”
  • There is a rise in game-based Behavioral Assessments
  • The “Temporary Labor Marketplace” shows signs of maturing

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  • Consolidation in the “Behavioral Assessment” sub-vertical.
  • The “Analytics” sub-vertical will become key in the future.
  • The “Bots” category will evolve in two distinct ways: (1) companies will specialize around conversational AI and candidate interactions (2) companies will specialize around updating systems information and connecting the different systems of record that corporations leverage in the recruiting process.

From tools that build bespoke candidate databases to the newest ways for companies to leverage one another’s talent pools, Talent Tech Ecosystem 8.0 showcases the most innovative and influential in the Talent Acquisition Technology marketplace today. Download your free bundle–Ecosystem 8.0 and Explainer.