3 Reasons You Should Attend Talent Tech NOW

Exclusive to our tech investor network, Talent Tech NOW, a unique investor event, is back with fully-vetted companies that have already made their mark in the talent acquisition industry. This event delivers insightful, curated organization presentations to all in attendance. These presentations can be categorized by our own Ecosystem taxonomy. Additionally, attendees will learn about the trends that we are seeing in the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem which you can use to inform your investment decisions.

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Intrigued? Learn 3 reasons why you should be in New York on October 10th at Talent Tech NOW:

#1: Learn About Trends and Developments

At NOW, participants have the opportunity to learn about trends and developments in the Talent Acquisition Technology space and specific niches within the Ecosystem such as AI-powered Matching Systems, cutting-edge Assessment technology and new Temporary Labor Marketplaces. Use the information gathered to fuel your investment decisions.

#2: Hear from Investment-Ready Companies

Attendees will hear from investment-ready and fully-validated Talent Acquisition Technology companies. Each organization will take the audience through a different bubble of our ecosystem.

  • Plum.ai – Behavioral Assessment
    • Plum’s Talent Recommendation Engine (called Ultraviolet) provides a universal data set that matches human potential to the right jobs, solving mid-size and enterprise companies toughest talent acquisition, talent management, and workforce planning challenges.
  • Opus AI – Skill Assessment
    • Opus AI makes AI-powered blind candidate screening. Rich profiles showing candidate qualifications are created, while redacting their identity, ensuring a bias-free screening process. Blind screening is a great way to jump-start diversity hiring, and Opus AI makes it easy.
  • RoboRecruiter – Bots
    • RoboRecruiter activates candidate profiles and keeps them active through chatbot technology. This results in a decrease in the time to hire and recruitment costs savings. RoboRecruiter started bringing on paying customers at the beginning of 2018 and currently works with the largest recruitment companies in the world.
  • Alyss Analytics– Video Interviewing
    • Launched from Wichita, Kansas in 2015, KNOXX is a technology company developing effective solutions in the HR and recruiting marketspace with vertical opportunities beyond. After beginning by providing video recruiting services to a career fair event company, KNOXX conceived the Alyss technology in 2016 and began its construction in 2017.
  • Rolebot – Social Search
    • Simplifying the Recruitment Status-Quo, in what traditionally takes companies days to weeks to identify and pre-qualify talent, Rolebot’s AI accomplishes in seconds, surfacing the top proven tech talent at any given time.  Welcome to the Rolebot Revolution.

#3 Expand Your Network

Expand your network by engaging with passionate Talent Acquisition founders and technology investors. At NOW, we have set aside time for professionals to interact and network with one another. Our exclusive community is passionate about helping the TA tech space evolve and advance. Use this time to get trade tips and make the right connections.

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NOW, an event hosted by Talent Tech Labs, provides the opportunity for both presenters and attendees to dive deeper in TA tech companies which already have traction in the industry. Aside from the company presentations, we evaluate the competitive landscape these companies reside in and end the event with an engaging luncheon and networking session.

Can’t wait to see you all in New York on October 10th! Haven’t signed up yet? Get registered today.

For more information on Talent Tech NOW event, contact us at events@talenttechlabs.com.

More About Talent Tech Labs:

Talent Tech Labs is an innovation hub entirely focused on emerging technologies and trends in the Talent Acquisition Technology space. Our work is focused on improving state of the art recruitment. Our domain is best characterized by our own Ecosystem taxonomy. We support buyers, builders and investors in the TA space by providing insights, market intelligence and identifying trends that affect the evolution of recruitment.

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