Multi-Line Staffing Firm Gains Actionable Insights to Select an Optimal Tech Stack

The Firm Saves Time and Gains Confidence in Their Final Tool Selection

The Client:  

TOPS Staffing, LLC., founded in 1987, is a multi-lined regional firm focused on providing light technical and skilled assembly level people supporting Machining, Warehouse, Fabrication, and Electrical & Mechanical Assembly clients.  

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Susan Dietrich, the CEO of TOPS Staffing, is an industry leader, who is up-to-date with trends and widely aware of recruitment technology. Dietrich and her COO conducted research on many of the latest tools. While Dietrich enjoyed checking out new tools, she found the marketplace of Talent Acquisition technologies to be too voluminous and cumbersome. It was nearly impossible to discern between the competing claims all the vendors were making.  All the hours spent on demos would be better devoted to driving TOPS more critical business objectives in sales and growing the business. After calculating that it could take her a year or longer to undergo all the demos, Dietrich turned to the experts at Talent Tech Labs to cut through the noise.

Our partnership with  Talent  Tech  Labs has been a  huge success. The depth of knowledge they provide has guided us through the rough waters of today’s constantly changing workforce landscape.

– Susan C. Dietrich, Principal, TOPS Staffing

Talent Tech Labs and TOPS’ Thinking Partnership: 

By becoming a member of Talent Tech Labs’ Staffing Technology Advisory Program, TOPS formed a thinking partnership to optimize their TA technology. To support TOPS in developing their optimal technology stack, Talent Tech Labs first identified their business challenges and inefficiencies in their recruiting processes. TTL then highlighted where TA tech could be applied practically to achieve better outcomes. This analysis was realized through TTL’s Opportunity Map for TOPS. TTL’s Opportunity Map typically is the initial step in the advisory journey of a client’s digital transformation. 

After the compilation and the assessment of the current tech stack, TTL recommended consequential, new technologies in the areas of Social Search, Programmatic Job Advertising, and Candidate Relationship Management.  TTL provided recommendations of the most appropriate vendors for TOPS based on the company’s current environment, the technical complexity the company was willing to undertake, and the solution’s likely impact on the business outcomes. TTL guided TOPS through a comparative side-by-side analysis that was entirely vendor-agnostic, easily consumable, and imminently actionable. TOPS then leveraged TTL’s research reports to gain confidence on each technology’s capabilities. TTL has a vast research library housed in the online member portal that clients use to hone in on the emerging technologies they consider when automating their recruiting processes. Through a combination of TTL’s research reports and analyst time, TOPS quickly and efficiently created a short list and ranked priority for each solution.  

The Outcome: 

By subscribing to TTL’s Staffing Technology Advisory Program, TOPS accelerated the identification, selection, and implementation of transformative technology into their recruiting processes. TOPS Staffing was able to shorten the time frame to select vendors for their CRM, Social Search, and Programmatic Job Advertising platforms. Traditionally, the vendor selection time alone would have taken TOPS over a year. Partnering with TTL dramatically reduced this time. Due to TTL’s dedicated focus on TA tools, the buyer’s confidence was greatly enhanced when arriving at their purchasing decision for each of the systems they acquired. With TTL, TOPS Staffing was able to fill their technology gaps successfully with the right systems. TOPS ongoing access to TTL’s research reports keeps them fully informed on their digital transformation journey to become a differentiated, rapidly growing, and successful staffing company. 

The Bottom Line: 

Talent Tech Labs served as trusted advisors for TOPS Staffing by having: 

  • Industry Expertise: TTL is the only research and advisory firm solely focused on the selection and implementation of recruiting technology. TTL has vetted and catalogued 1,700 technologies and helps clients like TOPS Staffing understand the ins and outs of each tool and solution.
  • Unbiased Insights: TTL does not receive commissions or other forms of vendor funding in the preparation of its research.  TTL is 100% independent, which means the market intelligence that is provided is transparent, unbiased and actionable.
  • Agility: Because of TTL’s boutique approach to research delivery, there is a very quick turnaround time between the initial engagement and delivered value.

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