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[Part 3] CRM is Enhancing the Candidate Experience

Companies in the Candidate Relationship Management segment are focusing at the top of the candidate engagement funnel by interacting with potential and future hires to build a talent community. With such a growing emphasis on the candidate experience, effective CRM solutions are critical to building up rapport with candidates prior to selection and, hopefully, engaging… Read more »

Is the Gig Economy Changing Entrepreneurship?

For years, innovation within the marketplace has consisted of entrepreneurs creating new processes, products and plans to satisfy the evolution of consumer needs. As we continue on in the Information Age, these new ideas have evolved to be less about new ideas and more about “new ways” to reach the end goal of customer satisfaction…. Read more »

HR Technology Q & A With Jonathan Kestenbaum of Talent Tech Labs

Q. Which new type of HR technology is most revolutionizing the HR profession? Artificial Intelligence technology is making an impact on HR by improving prediction models and workflow automation for better, more personalized recruitment. A great example is Wade & Wendy, a new matching system for candidates and employers. Wade, a chatbot, serves as a day-to-day… Read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed in a Mentor

How do you find business mentors to help you grow professionally? Countless studies have proven the efficacy of mentors within the workforce, and even more, are showing mentors are needed outside traditional company walls. Entrepreneurs need mentors, especially during what many will look back on as the toughest part of their career. Step One? Find… Read more »