Talent Tech Labs Releases 11th Talent Acquisition Ecosystem

Talent Tech Labs (TTL) announces the release of its 11th version of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem, reflecting the latest snapshot of an evolving landscape that includes the most innovative and influential companies in the industry today.

TTL has an industrious history of mapping the state of the talent continuum and providing these valuable insights to talent leaders across the globe. Talent Tech Labs recently expanded to include talent management under its umbrella of expertise and has begun to include that segment in its reporting. 

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Designed to inform and provide insights to practitioners, Talent Tech Labs’ Talent Acquisition Ecosystem has gone through multiple iterations to get to its 11th edition. Originally conceptualized on whiteboards in the company’s office, the Ecosystem has grown from the dry-erase circles to the recognizable color-coded sub-verticals defining the taxonomy of the recruiting continuum we know today.

“We are delighted to release the 11th version of the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem. The Ecosystem has evolved substantially over the years and is one of the most painstaking pieces of work we do each year. It reflects a current snapshot of an evolving landscape and includes the most innovative and influential companies in the industry today.” – David Francis, Vice President, Research & Product at Talent Tech Labs.

Most notably, this newest Ecosystem will reveal an exciting dimension that represents the entirety of talent that performs work at an organization, whether they are contractually “employed” by the organization or not.

Francis continues, “We are especially excited to announce the latest modification to the ecosystem: a segmented view into the ‘universal workforce.’ By highlighting innovation that specifically supports organizations’ external talent, this latest version of the ecosystem better reflects what we think will be one of the most important parts of the workforce over the coming decade.”

TTL CEO and Co-Founder Brian Delle Donne adds, “The extended workforce has been a growing factor in the evolution of how work is being done today. For many organizations, their external workforce represents a significant portion of their overall talent footprint.  With the growing reliance on part-time, contingent, gig, and task-based project work, we want to highlight those technologies that are increasingly being utilized to deliver work from external non-full-time resources.

This view segments the external workforce tools that we see present in the Sourcing and Hiring stages of the recruitment process.  It more clearly highlights the trend towards leveraging a ‘universal workforce’ to get work done.”

Talent Tech Labs’ 11th Talent Acquisition Ecosystem provides an in-depth analysis of the major technology trends and changes in each stage of the Talent Acquisition process. Find out more: Share on X

The Ecosystem is organized by the “stages” that represent the typical steps in a hiring journey – Source, Engage, Select, and Hire. This categorization helps practitioners visualize how technology solutions flow across the hiring process. Step-by-step, talent leaders can easily identify these stages and the respective solution providers that fall under each category.

The latest edition of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem comes at a challenging time for talent leaders, given the labor shortage and shockwaves still being felt from The Great Resignation. The Talent Acquisition market continues to experience tremendous shifts driven by advances in technology, candidate and client preferences, the economy, and constantly evolving recruiting practices. This Ecosystem highlights both the complexity of the technology market, replete with abundant choices of solutions, while also providing an ordered way to visualize the space. The supporting analysis of the vendors illustrated on the Ecosystem can be accessed through the research and advisory services the companies offers to enterprise and staffing company clients.

To learn more information on the data illustrated in the latest Talent Acquisition Ecosystem from Talent Tech Labs, please contact Laura Kavanaugh for further details: laura@talenttechlabs.com.

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