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Talent Tech NEXT Event Recap – The Candidate Experience of the Future

On September 27, Talent Tech Labs (TTL) hosted Talent Tech NEXT, an invite-only event focused on designing the Candidate Experience of the Future through innovative Candidate Experience (CX) technology. The event was a runaway success with approximately 130, Heads of Corporate Talent Acquisition, startup founders and other HR & Staffing leaders coming together at the… Read more »

Looking Back: Talent Tech Transatlantic

Pictured in center: Ian Bailie, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition and People Planning Operations at Cisco. Ian was the guest keynote speaker at the event.

2017: The Year of the Assessments

In the past, our focus has been on sourcing and the best ways to find and approach talent in the wild, but today 90% of candidates can be found online in some capacity. We have names, titles, social profile information and, in some cases, even skills and previous work history. The wild isn’t so wild… Read more »

About that AAAS

Analytics as a Service or AaaS is just one of the bleeding edge trends we’ve been keeping our eyes on here at Talent Tech Labs. We’re on the forefront of the technology impacting Talent Acquisition and our Trends Report and Ecosystem are just the tip of the iceberg. As we vet new Talent Acquisition technologies,… Read more »

[Part 2] Job Advertising is Getting Outsourced

Job advertising is a component of talent acquisition that has always and will always be necessary, but until recent years, it required little upkeep. The mid-2000s proved a tough job market for candidates and easy recruitment for talent acquisition teams.