How Tech is Helping Companies Upgrade Their Employer Brand from Bland

In a sphere like Talent Acquisition, where there is constant change, it’s important to understand, monitor, and adjust to the places candidates can best be reached. Nowadays, there’s really no denying that place is online, and on the move. 

The field of Employer Branding has really evolved over the past several years. The conversation has shifted from “why” to “how”, and that means most corporate recruiting teams are now expanding their skill sets and capabilities in order to help their organizations develop a compelling and authentic employer brand narrative.” Lars Schmidt (@Lars)

Why Talent Pool Management is a Must-Have Strategy for all Employers 

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Attracting candidates through technology in a way that is genuine, impactful and best represents your company culture, mission and vision can be done through a myriad of channels:

New and Improved Assessments

It’s our belief Assessments will become a common component to Talent Acquisition strategies in the coming years. This is mostly due in part to the wide variety of ways Assessments can be used to find specific talent and skill sets. Assessments or sample tests have been shown to be the best predictor of job performance 29% of the time (higher than any other method).

The right Assessment tool can positively influence your candidate’s experience, affecting the overall reputation among job seekers. A lot of this comes down to the increased use of Gamification. These tools are gathering data from job seekers through games, both online and through mobile apps. Depending on the tool, these games provide insight on the applicant’s hard skills, experience, work values, soft skills and so on. Meanwhile, the applicant is introduced to the organization in a way that goes beyond the typical resume/application interaction. These professionals can actually prove their claims while getting a sense of what will be important to the organization once they’re employed.

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Virtual Reality (VR)

By now, much of the world is on the virtual reality technology bandwagon. But, not only is it great for entertainment, it’s amazing for employer brand too. VR is giving customers and candidates the opportunity to immerse themselves into businesses without stepping foot into an office. Companies like Intuit implemented VR to give candidates a real look into their company culture. Director of Talent Acquisition at Intuit, Brett Coin shares,

In the War for Talent, we understand that creating engaging, interactive experiences for top talent is important. It’s show versus tell. We’re eager to see how this VR experience impacts our other critical hire functions for Intuit. Right now, it’s all about thinking past transactional or relational recruiting; we must approach it with an experiential mindset.

Other companies like Universum Global, an employer branding consultant, used 360-degree or immersive video to give viewers a look into their UK office. With leadership explaining a bit about their work while showing where the work actually takes place, candidates are able to connect with the company on a deeper level.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Last year, AR got quite a bit of buzz thanks to the popular game Pokemon Go. While millions played the game, many wondered how such technology could be used to further things like employer brand. Like Artificial Intelligence and Assessments, AR is not a new technology, even in the world of Talent Acquisition. In fact, AR has been used for military training since the early 90s. However, the explosion of advancements in mobile technology has just recently allowed the masses access to the tool.

Not to be confused with Virtual Reality, AR is a computer-generated enhancement of what we see, hear, feel and smell in the real world. IKEA and Home Depot are among many companies who have used AR to help consumers make purchasing decisions. Similarly, this technology can help job seekers make better connections with employers. Imagine pointing your mobile device at a building and immediately seeing the internal space, a calendar of company events and a description or catalog of the work done by the organization as well as information on the team who does it. The future for AR is looking bright, especially for employer branding opportunities.

…such a device could help people stay up-to-date on important upgrades, provide background on people they are meeting, and share real-time insights on the company…Jonas Barck (@barck), Universum

When it comes to Talent Acquisition Technology and attracting the right candidates, don’t let your employer branding suffer. It is one of the first things candidates look for when applying for any job. Thankfully, modern technology advances are providing employers ways to introduce and upgrade their brand like never before.

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