Talent Tech Labs Releases Trends Report On Impact of AI Restrictions on HR Technology

This week, Talent Tech Labs announced the release of their most recent Trends Report: The Impact of AI Regulations on HR Technology and Employers.

TTL helps organizations stay compliant with impending legislation to monitor the usage of AI in HR tech with their latest Trends Report release.

TTL helps organizations stay compliant with impending legislation to monitor the usage of AI in HR tech with their latest Trends Report release. See more from @TalentTechLabs: Click To Tweet

Given the rise in use and significance of artificial intelligence in the realms of talent acquisition and talent management, recent legislation has been proposed to audit these tools for any bias they could perpetuate in the hiring process. 

Trends Report Contributors

In this Trends Report, several industry experts weigh in on the relevance of these laws, how to stay compliant, and how the regulations are likely to evolve over time. Our high-profile contributors include David Francis, Vice President of Research and Product at Talent Tech Labs, Stephen C. Dwyer, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal and Operating Officer of the American Staffing Association, Craig Leen, Former OFCCP Director and Eightfold Advisory Board Member, and Navrina Singh, Founder and CEO of Credo AI.

“This issue of the Trends Report unpacks this rapidly evolving space with an eye toward what’s happening currently, how organizations can best operate now and prepare for the future, and what an ethical and functional AI ecosystem that works for employers, candidates, and regulators alike might look like.” (David Francis, VP, Research, Talent Tech Labs)

Overview of Findings

Spearheaded by New York legislation planned to take effect next year that will mandate how organizations measure and leverage hiring tools that use AI, municipalities around the country (and the world) are grappling with regulating the use of AI-based hiring tools. 

In their recent trends report, @TalentTechLabs breaks down future restrictions on #AI in #HRTech. See more: Click To Tweet

While the goals are lofty, the consequences of the proposed legislation are potentially profound, and organizations are struggling to understand how to stay compliant and competitive in their hiring processes.

There’s no doubt AI is rapidly transforming the hiring landscape. Still, this Trends Report provides an insider’s view into the regulatory bodies at work and the impacts they may have on hiring processes in the future. 

To learn more information on the data collected in the latest Trends Report from Talent Tech Labs, please contact Laura Kavanaugh for further details: laura@talenttechlabs.com.

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