Trends Report V7 Release: AI from Sourcing to Selection

Trends Report vol. 7: Real AI – Sourcing, Engagement, & Selection from Red Branch Media on Vimeo.

From sourcing to selection, it’s clear that Artificial Intelligence is making its mark throughout the hiring process and beyond. This is why we took on the task of demystify AI in our latest Trends Report V7.

The report begins by defining what true AI is and what it isn’t. We dive into Machine Learning and how it’s being used in applications beneficial to recruiting, like Chatbots. Then we explore the next step, Deep Learning, where true AI really comes to life.

The ability to compare, analyze, create, and comprehend unstructured data is a game-changer for Talent Acquisition Technology. Explore this topic more with Brian Delle Donne of Talent Tech Labs in his section: Addressing Common Misconceptions to Cut Through the AI Noise.


Shon Burton from HiringSolved answers a question asked much too often: Why all the Buzz? Is AI a Passing Trend?

Once a technology makes a jump from academia to commercial application, the genie is out of the bottle and everything starts to change.Shon Burton

In short, we’re just getting started. Remember when claiming everything was web-based was the big thing? Then came the cloud… and now we’re now in the midst of AI. It seems Artificial Intelligence has the capability to enhance anything and everything when applied correctly, and Shon is most concerned with how it’s applied to Sourcing. Take a look at Shon’s section: Sourcing Counterpoint: Artificial Intelligence: Does the Definition Matter?

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Keeping candidates happy throughout the hiring process matters, no matter what hue of squirrel they are. This is especially apparent when 25% of candidates who have a bad experience state they would go out of their way to discourage others from applying to the company.

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Conversely, 60% of candidates who are engaged throughout the process and have a positive experience are likely to go out of their way to refer others to apply. In addition, engaging candidates in the process provide a better CX but measuring their engagement levels in the process can inform selection. Read more about this from Nachi Junankar’s take on the AI Impact on Candidate Engagement.


Geoff Harris from JabaTalks ventures into uncharted territory where he asks if AI selection tools are programmed by humans, how do we eliminate one of the most pervasive issues facing the workforce today… bias in the hiring process?

Fact: In a high volume setting, Hiring Managers are not capable of gathering, structuring, and analyzing large volumes of data. Attempting to do so invites a multitude of biases into your process including confirmation bias, interview fatigue, and stereotyping.Geoff Harris

Explore more in Selection History Repeats Itself – So Can Hiring Bias in AI.

Q&A with VP of Talent Acquisition

The Trends Report also sits down to chat with Nick Mailey, VP of Talent Acquisition at Intuit, to discover how they audited their experience to determine AI enablement opportunities, what the new product will look like and why healthy skepticism of AI’s capabilities is one of the keys to his team’s success in Building AI From Within: From Testing to Internal Product.

And finally, we ask…

Where Are We Looking?

Will Szczerbiak from Greycroft Partners explains,

Every company, large and small, faces recruiting challenges. The largest companies need to maintain a funnel of candidates to support natural turnover and modest growth. Younger companies need to hire to support growth. Vendors that ease the pain will win.Will Szczerbiak

Dive into the rest of his piece, to see AI in the proper context and discuss what AI is doing with recruiting data in our Investor Highlight.

Uncover the truth about AI and how it’s changing candidate sourcing, engagement, and selection.

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