Trends Report V8 Highlights: A Deeper Look into Today & Tomorrow’s Assessments Technology

In our previous Trends Report V7, we dove deep into the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a tool that is pushing the envelope in our space. AI isn’t the only technology seeing advancements.

As mentioned at the start of 2017, we predicted 2017 to be the Year of Assessments. Of course, using Assessments as Talent Acquisition tools isn’t a new practice, nor is it an unpopular one. The advancements are seen in how emerging tech is increasing Assessment accuracy and capitalizing on Gamification for better candidate experience.


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We begin this report with an overview of the various types of Assessments technologies and how each can better lead to better-informed hiring decisions. We’ll then turn to experts in each vertical to better understand their merit.

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Take a look at some of our featured experts, and get a sneak peek into their insight:

Kédar Iyer, CEO & Co-Founder of GapJumpers on Simulation Assessments

GapJumpers provides a platform for employers to qualify job candidates by their performance on simulation tasks that mimic real-world work on the job. Their solution helps hiring teams to curate, customize and host skills challenges in various industry verticals for jobs in engineering, data science, marketing and more.

The recruitment team at Return Path was able to increase the quality of talent by threefold and in record time using GapJumpers.

I love the way Gapjumpers has partnered with us to improve our recruiting and hiring process. In addition to helping us find ‘hidden’ candidates and increasing our speed of hiring, they’ve analyzed our data and given us recommendations for interview skills training and process improvement. They are more than just another technology – they are a true partner.Cathy Hawley, Senior VP of People at Return Path

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talent acquisition trendsVivek Ravisankar, CEO & Co-Founder of HackerRank on Skills-Based Assessments

HackerRank, a skills-based tech hiring platform that helps companies evaluate technical skills better, shares how they helped VMWare widen their talent pool by 100%, reduce screening time by 75% and reduce resume biases through Skills-Based assessments.

Skills-Based hiring has turned tech recruiting on its head. It’s the philosophy of putting skills above pedigree, resumes, GPA, degrees, and certifications. Most employers’ processes are the same:


  • Filter resume keywords via ATS
  • Manually phone-screen candidates
  • Hold unstructured, tedious whiteboard interviews

This process is painfully manual, unmeasurable, and ridden with biases. Plus, there’s no exact, quantifiable way to measure skills until the candidate is far along in the interview. Take a look at how HackerRank is breaking down barriers in tech hiring.

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Robert Newry, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Arctic Shores shares his insight into Game-Based Assessments. Plus, Christopher Camacho the CTO at Assessment Innovations provides a glimpse into the future of Assessment Technology as well.

It’s a Trends Report you don’t want to miss! We think it’s our best yet, but we’ll let you decide.

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