TTL LookBack V1: Get to Know the Muse

Welcome to Talent Tech Labs Lookback. We spend a lot of time exploring the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem and Marketplace and while every TTL Trends Report focuses on a different theme, we occasionally like to look back at some of our greatest hits.

Our inaugural issue kicked off by featuring a number of TTL’s greatest ideas, concepts, and events. It also featured one of the very successful CEO’s in the business of HR  and Talent Acquisition. Meet Kathryn, better known as the CEO and co-founder of The Muse. She took the time to discuss with TTL about what The Muse is, how it’s unique to this age generation, the benefits and more!

TTL: Look Back Trends Report V1

All about Employee branding highlight and The Muse

Starting out as a candidate, Kathryn Minshew dove headfirst into HR—later she started her own company. During her job-seeking days, she observed a lack of efficiency and general ineffectiveness. Now, her mission is to improve the job-seeking experience for today’s tech savvy candidates and companies seeking talent. Kathryn founded The Muse three years ago to serve as a career destination offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice and a behind the-scenes look at fantastic companies and career paths. Today, the platform services over 16 million technology professionals looking for jobs in an increasingly competitive job market.

Talent Tech Labs connected with Kathryn to discuss her leadership in the new wave of talent acquisition technology.

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Get to Know The Muse

TTL: Tell us more about The Muse.

Kathryn: The Muse is a platform for professionals looking for inspiring careers at interesting companies. Whether you’re just starting out, changing career paths, or aiming for the C-suite, we’ve got everything you need to take charge of your career.

TTL: What role do you play in growing a new-age brand in an old-school market?

Kathryn: I am CEO, but I wear many hats. I am the primary contact for investors and the media. I also lead the public relations initiatives, because it’s important for me to be involved and really represent the company. Driving traffic and generating revenue are also big parts of my job. Day-to-day, I talk with companies who want to hire talent, businesses who want to partner with us and reporters who want to cover us.

“I’m very lucky to have an incredible team. My co-founder is an amazing business partner, and she takes a lot of the stress away”

TTL: What makes The Muse unique?

Kathryn: Well, first and foremost, our company profiles really stand out. People use The Muse to explore companies and learn more about office culture. The right fit for both candidate and company are key. Professional photography and in-depth interviews really capture our culture and paint a great portrait.

TTL: How do users benefit from your platform?

Kathryn: For the job seeker, The Muse provides tremendous insight before the interview. Companies get an early jump on impressing candidates. We help ensure a great match, and we work hard to make sure everyone is happy with the decision.

TTL: Why is it so important to get in front of job seekers pre-interview?

Kathryn: Top talent is bombarded with job offers, so they expect more from companies. They want more than a paycheck—the collaborative atmosphere of a company, if their own vision can be achieved working for a particular company, and most importantly, if can they grow professionally and personally in a company—these all come into play. Companies need these answers to compete for top talent. The Muse allows and improves upon this flow of communication.

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Future of the Industry and The Muse

TTL: Where do you see the talent acquisition industry going, and how does The Muse fit into that?

Kathryn: The industry is moving toward a focus on user experience and improving overall candidate experience. Retention and hiring are more critical than ever for companies. The Muse helps companies take a critical look at their work environment by inquiring about culture and atmosphere—this can inspire improvement, which only leads to better talent acquisition and retention. New employees will also feel more at home when the office culture matches their expectations.

“The HR industry also needs a way for companies to promote themselves that’s more out of the box, because traditional techniques are either boring or losing their edge.”

TTL: What do you believe is causing this industry shift?

Kathryn: The influx of millennials into the market is a big factor. They make up about one third of the market and are more demanding than generations before them. There’s less time to train them because they move on so quickly. Companies looking for talent need more basic training and a higher level of leadership if they hope to retain them once hired. Those who do this will be much stronger—and The Muse is here to help them out.

TTL: Where do you plan to take The Muse going forward?

Kathryn: We are constantly refining technology to ensure a better user experience and fuel growth. The worst thing would be to build something and simply hope people use it. We are 16 million users strong and provide value to some of the biggest companies in the U.S., including Facebook, Uber, the NFL and many more. We are excited for what’s next!

Conclusion: Talent acquisition and HR is constantly changing and The Muse is headed in the right direction. Keeping up with industry shifts, user experience, culture and atmosphere and finding that perfect candidate fit with top talent. Want to discover more about company branding, HR and talent acquisition? Want to explore more into TTL’s Think Tank and industry research? Download our latest trends reports and while you’re there jump into our series of trends reports covering topics from Real AI, Vendor Marketplace, Big Data and more.

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