TTL’s Latest Playbook “How to Hire Remotely” is Available to the Public

Talent Tech Labs understands business leaders are concerned about maintaining continuity in their hiring operations and ensuring recruiters have an effective strategy to perform in a remote working environment. In that regard, our research team has decided to release the playbook “How to Hire Remotely: Maintaining Continuity in a Remote Working Model” free to the public to help business leaders navigate this difficult time.

We created our report with the knowledge that remote working models will cause organizations to rethink how their talent acquisition and recruitment processes work. Investigating practices on remote hiring matters, as talent acquisition functions look to drive enhanced productivity and to foster greater diversity in the workforce.

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The playbook, “How to Hire Remotely,” explores ways employers can use technology to improve and solve business problems in a remote hiring model. The substance of the report is a deep dive into specific technology verticals, their respective position in the TA landscape, vendor examples, best practices, and considerations for success. In the playbook, TTL experts unpack the number of remote hiring challenges, highlight specific business problems, and discuss corresponding technologies that can improve hiring in a remote environment. By reading this playbook, TA leaders will receive a comprehensive guide focused on solutions that solve remote hiring challenges.

The report analyzes the following key questions:

  • How do you attract talent and build your pipeline virtually?
  • How do you scale up and enable distributed recruiting efforts without adding fixed cost?
  • How do you measure and improve talent acquisition performance when everyone is remote?
  • How do you automate the interview process in a virtual environment to ensure no information is lost?
  • What is the best interview process in a virtual environment?

While unpacking the above critical questions, the report discusses COVID-19 trends in freelance recruitment, bot conversion activity, and video interviewing traffic. The report offers case studies on a company that successfully taps into Temporary Labor Marketplaces to address their increasing customer demand and on a company that reduces expenses by using video interviewing.

Download the free playbook to learn how to adapt to the new normal while finding the right combination of technology and personal interaction to achieve recruitment goals.

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