TTL’s Playbook “Using Technology To Improve Diversity in the Hiring Process” Free to the Public

With recent events, we have seen renewed vigor in diversity hiring and technology. News articles are noting that companies are at the forefront of driving change. An article from Reuters shows the protests are not just calling for change in law enforcement, but also for companies to re-envision their approach to diversity.

Companies have already enacted measures to foster a more diverse workforce. According to the Reuters article,

Twitter, Intel and Microsoft representatives said the firms have set ambitious goals to increase the proportion of underrepresented minorities in their ranks. Google spokeswoman Jennifer Rodstrom said the company would need to “work to expand the talent pool externally, and improve our culture internally, if we want to create equitable outcomes and inclusion for everyone.

While there has been an outpouring of companies’ statements on how they will undergo diversity initiatives over the last months, some may argue that diversity has been a prevalent topic within the past five years.

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McKinsey & Co. devoted resources to conducting research in 2015 by analyzing a data set of more than 1,000 companies on their diversity at different levels of the organization. Their latest report “Diversity Wins” reveals how the business case for implementing diversity in the workforce is stronger than ever before and paints a clear picture of how diversity winners can accelerate progress. “Diversity Win” uncovers that “the relationship between diversity on executives teams and the likelihood of financial outperformance has strengthened over time.”

As a research and advisory firm that analyzes talent acquisition technology, TTL has conducted in-depth research on the topic of diversity hiring in all stages of hiring and diversity technology over the years. Given the resurgence of interest in diversity, we are providing public access to our once member-exclusive Playbook “Using Technology to Improve Diversity in the Hiring Process.”

The Playbook highlights ways that employers can harness technology throughout all stages of their hiring process to improve the diversity of their organizations. The first section of the report dives into defining diversity hiring and expounds upon the business case for investing in improving diversity. The report then outlines the areas in the hiring process where technology can enhance diversity. We provide vendor examples, best practices, and considerations to ensure diverse hiring success. In the last section, we provide a Diversity Hiring Maturity Model. This model serves as a framework that you can use to benchmark your firm’s progress and provides a strategic roadmap for moving your organization forward. The report concludes by providing US workforce demographic data that you can compare against your own firm’s demographics by occupational category.

The “Using Technology to Improve Diversity in the Hiring Process” Playbook provides:

  • Deep insight into how technology can improve diversity throughout all stages of hiring
  • Vendor examples and best practices to succeed in diversity hiring
  • A Diversity Hiring Maturity Model to track and gauge your success

It’s important to note that while the focus of this report is providing you with knowledge on diversity technology, there is no technological “magic bullet” that can solve a firm’s diversity challenges. Furthermore, technology is just one part of the equation in a successful diversity program. Significant process — and more importantly, cultural change — is also required to create a program that permeates an organization and drives quantifiable results.

TTL created this report with the mindset that it will be a useful resource for leaders in organizations searching for practical solutions to hiring diverse talent. We hope our report helps you find ways that technology can improve the diversity of your workforce and assists you on your journey to making change happen.

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